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St. John Paul II’s Secretary Encourages Endorsing the International Appeal on the 42nd Anniversary of Pope Saint John Paul II’s Election
October 14, 2020. Appeal will be Presented October 16.

The need to transmit Karol Wojtyła’s teaching to the next generations is becoming increasingly evident, asserts his long-time Secretary in the invitation to support the International Appeal of Professors and Academic Teachers who, on the occasion of the 42ndanniversary of Saint John Paul II’s election, encourage deepening his thinking and scientific achievements.

For the content of the International Appeal of Professors and Academic Teachers in the centennial year of St. John Paul II’s birth and the online collection of signatures, see:

The Appeal of the Professors Universities and Colleges in the centennial year of St. John Paul II’s birth

This Appeal will be presented during the Congress of Christian Culture in Lublin, on October 16th, on the 42ndanniversary of Karol Wojtyła’s election as Pope.

Card. Dziwisz recalled that Karol Wojtyła was an academic teacher and professor at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin for 24 years. “In his lectures on ethics and philosophy, he attested that faith and science must not exclude one another but coexist and complement each other. He not only transmitted knowledge but also introduced young people to the world of the Christian values on which the European civilization is built,” emphasized the Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Krakow.

He added that the world of science was always close to St. John Paul II, who throughout his pontificate met with its representatives, including students. “That is why I cordially invite you to support the International Appeal of Professors and Academic Teachers and to promote Karol Wojtyła’s teaching in universities,” said Card. Dziwisz.

The initiator of the Appeal, Rev. Prof. Mirosław Kalinowski, Rector of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, remarked that the text underscores how “in today’s world, where we observe the homogenization of culture, the reevaluation of social attitudes, and a diversity of opinions, the role of universities and colleges is to search for certain points of reference and superior values capable of cementing our societies.”

In the Appeal, we read that the search for undeniable meaning is a challenge for our students today in the increasingly complicated reality that surrounds them. “Technological development and the ever-more limitless possibilities of virtual communication accompanying it represent a great opportunity, but they also create unprecedented threats. In the face of these facts, the Polish Pope’s teaching and his attitude towards life can inspire young people to strive for truth and inner freedom,” emphasize the authors of this message.