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'A Decline in Abortions, for Whatever Reason, Leads Us Closer to Our Goal' Director of Priests for Life Comments on Guttmacher Study
'One of Us' Campaign Seeking 1M Signatures. Aims to Stop European Union Financing of Abortion
'One of Us' Campaign Seeking 1M Signatures. Aims to Stop European Union Financing of Abortion
13,000 Pack Basilica for Pre-March Vigil. Young People Recognized as Driving Force in Fight Against Abortion By Ann Schneible
40 Days Revive Hope for Life (Part 2). Interview With National Campaign Director David Bereit
A Pro-Life Nation. Interview With Leader of Polish Federation Interview With Leader of Polish Federation By Antonio Gaspari
Aborting the "Imperfect" Seen as Cause for Less Research. Neonatologist Wonders Where the Children Are
Aborting the British
Aborting Viable Lives. British Parliament Launches Inquiry on Age Limit
Abortion and African-Americans. Interview With Alveda King, of Priests for Life
Abortion and Catholic Social Teaching. Interview With Father Thomas D. Williams
Abortion and Depression (Part 1)
Abortion and Depression (Part 2)
Abortion and Infanticide. Re-discovering the Slippery Slope By Father John Flynn, LC
Abortion and Mental Health. Is There Sufficient Evidence to Support a Link? By E. Christian Brugger
Abortion and Race: A Complicated Problem. Black Women Found to Account for 40% of US Abortions By Carl Anderson
Abortion Breast-Cancer Malpractice
Abortion Causes Rift at Amnesty International. Irish Office Opts Out of Controversial Policy
Abortion Data Uncovered. Handicapped Babies Culled By Father John Flynn, LC
Abortion Debate Intensifies. Evidence Mounts About Negative Consequences
Abortion does not improve women's reproductive health. Guttmacher Institute study grossly misrepresents data By Denise Hunnell, MD
Abortion in Britain: An Issue That Isn't Fading
Abortion Is "Deep Wound," Says Pope. Calls It the "Opposite" of a Human Right
Abortion Judged Morally Wrong by US Majority Survey Shows Increasing Pro-Life Trend
Abortion Law Among Themes Addressed by Irish Bishops at Autumn Meeting. Also Look at Education, Synod, Year of Faith, Eucharistic Congress Follow-up
Abortion Might Be Common; It Will Never Be Right
Abortion on Demand and the European Convention on Human Rights. The Rationale of the Court on the Matter of Abortion and How It Applies to the Vast Majority of Abortions Practiced
Abortion Pressure Grows in Northern Ireland. Church Fights Implementation of U.K. Law
Abortion Rates Continue to Decline in Italy. Vast Majority of Italian Gynecologists Refuse to Abort Unborn Babies
Abortion Referendum Fails in Portugal
Abortion Ruling Brings Ray of Hope to Pro-Lifers. Decision May Imply "Better Reasoning" in the Future
Abortion Shunners Get Insurance Discount
Abortion Threatens Existence of Angola, Say Bishops. Stress Abortion Goes Against Law of God, Nation's Culture
Abortion Vote in Portugal. Interview With Director of Family Action
Abortion Warns of Something Worse? Ethics Professor at Rome's Holy Cross University Discusses Humanity's Loss
Abortion's 3rd Victim: Dad. U.S. Conference Focuses on "Reclaiming Fatherhood" By Carrie Gress
Abortion's Aftermath. Dangerous Side Effects Amid a Heated Debate By Father John Flynn, LC
Abortion's Aftershocks. Interview With Author Michaelene Fredenburg By Karna Swanson
Abortion's Ethics. An Appeal to Reason By Father John Flynn, LC
Abortion's Maternal Victims
Abortion's Sneaky Rise: Interview With Susan Yoshihara
Abortion-inducing Agents by Any Other Name Still Kill. Push to Expand 'Post-Fertilization Contraception'
Abortion-Limit Stands at U.S. Military Hospitals Overseas
Abortion-Survivor Finds a Home. John XXIII Community Welcomes Baby Girl
Abortion: A History of Coercion and Destruction. Killing the Unborn is Essentially a Way for Men to Control Women
Abortions Behind Parents' Backs
Abortion’s ‘Shockwaves’ Class to Be Part of Rome Bioethics Course
Action Urged Against UK Abortion Amendments. Bishops Say There Is "Real Danger" of Worse Laws
Amnesty Looses U.S. Bishops' Support. Prelates Say Rights Work Must Favor Life
ANALYSIS: Behind the Scenes in Abortion Clinics
Anencephaly and Survivability
Another Reproach for Amnesty International. Italian Bishops Join Protest of Pro-Abortion Policy
Archbishop Arregui Impressed by Ecuadorian President's 'Courage' Against Abortion. President Rafael Correa Threatens to Resign From Office If Measure Approved
Archbishop: Abortion Crushes African Culture. Continent's Challenge Is Defense of Life
Argentine Senate Rejects Draft Abortion Law
Australian Bishops Urge Abortion Alternatives. Bill in Victoria Calls for Decriminalization
Australian Government Cuts Price of RU-486. Pro-Abortion Authors Warn of Drug's Dangers
Australian-State House OKs Cloning Bill
BabySteps DVD Goes International. Reveals Unborn Children's Activities in the Womb
Battles Over Abortion Laws. Buffer Zones Raise Objections.
Bishop Buckley on Ireland's Abortion Law "This fails any test of justice"
Bishop John Buckley: 'Abortion is the Most Serious Threat to Human Rights' Head of Diocese of Cork and Ross Calls on Representatives to Vote According to Their Conscience By Junno Arocho
Bishop: Freedom of Choice Act Unjustifiable. Says Law Will Allow Full Access to Abortion
Bishop: Mexico City's Abortion Law a Challenge. Says Society Needs to Be Aware of Rights of Unborn
Bishop: Pelosi "Created Confusion" on Abortion. Says Church's Stance Remains Unchanged
Bishops Decry Canada Honor for Abortionist
Bishops' Aide Criticizes Abortion Study. Procedure That Always Kills Cannot Be Called Safe, She Says
Bishops' Aide Decries Vote on "Exporting Abortion"
Bishops: Amnesty International Losing Identity. Urge Restoring Neutral Position on Abortion
Breast Cancer and Abortion: Is There a Link?
California Catholic Conference Files Complaint on Abortion Directive. Says Attempt to Force Abortion Into Insurance Violates Amendment
Cameroon: 20,000 March Against Abortion
Cardinal Bertone Decries Amnesty's Abortion Policy
Cardinal Brady's Statement on Ireland's Abortion Legislation. "This Bill represents a legislative and political 'Trojan Horse' which heralds a much more liberal and aggressive abortion regime in Ireland"
Cardinal Hails Court's Abortion Ruling. Upholds Ban on Partial-Birth Procedure
Cardinal O'Brien Responds to Abortion Critics. Says Tactics Distract From Real Message
Cardinal Points to Faulty Logic in Abortion Bill. Notes Promoting Procedure Won't Reduce Its Frequency
Cardinal: UK Abortions a "Badge of Shame" Urges Legislators to Vote Against Abortion on Demand
Cardinals Call for Change 40 Years After Abortion Act. U.K. Prelates Advocate Father's Role in Life of Child
Cardinals' Letter on Anniversary of Abortion Act
Cases of Life, Death and Decision
Catholic Midwives Win Appeal. Court Says They Shouldn't Have to Participate in Scheduling Abortions
Chemical Abortion and RU-486/PG
Cloaking Infanticide With Medical Respectability. Reprehensible Practices
Coming Months Will be Decisive for Abortion in EU. European Court of Human Rights Facing Several Decisive Cases
Council of Europe Called on Issue of Late Abortions. UK Particular Target of Question; Reports From Several Countries About 'Fetuses' Who Survive Hours, Days
Denver Archbishop Praying at Capitol Today for Stop to Abortion Legislation. Bill Seen as 1st of Its Kind in USA, Seeks to Undo Years of Pro-Life Efforts
Denver Prelate Remembers Personal Experience With Abortion.Archbishop Aquila Releases 1st Pastoral Letter as Nation Marks Roe vs Wade Anniversary
Direct and Indirect Abortion
Doctrine Congregation's Clarification on Abortion. Answers Questions Regarding Case of 9-Year-Old Brazilian Girl
England and Wales Celebrate Day for Life. Church Welcomes Abortion Victims, Says Prelate
Europe: The Decline of the 'Right' to Abortion. The 'right to abortion' is on the decline in Europe and in the United States which explains the will of the French government to reaffirm it
Experts Recall John Paul II's Battle to Build Culture of Life on World Stage.Note Successful Prevention of International Right to Abortion
Fighting AIDS With Italian Vino. Sant'Egidio's Wine for Life Program
Finding Real Alternatives to Abortion. Interview With Official of Pro-life Government-Funded Agency
Florida Abortion Clinic Closes After "40 Days"
Gendercide Spreads. Baby Girls Continue to Face Discrimination
House Subcommittee Cuts Abstinence Education. Catholic Agencies Say Action Will Cripple AIDS Fight
How the Council of Europe Is Imposing Abortion on Ireland and Poland. Seeking "domination of individual will over life, subjectivity over objectivity" By Grégor Puppinck, PhD
Human Rights and the Human Embryo
Illinois Court Rules Parents Should Be Notified When Minor Seeks Abortion "Parents Can Breathe a Sigh of Relief," Says Catholic Conference Director
Induced Delivery and Fetal Anomalies
Inmates Seek Healing From Their Role as Dads in Abortion. Testimony Forms Part of Today's March in DC
International Pro-Abortion Agenda Not Advanced for 20 Years, Says Pro-Life Leader. But C-FAM Director Warns Anti-Life Forces Still Control UN Institutions
Ireland's Abortion Debate. Bishops Criticize Report of Expert Group
Irish Abortion Rate Declines for 9th Consecutive Year. Pro-Life Group Calls Trend "Extremely Encouraging"
Irish Abortion Rates Fall for 6th Straight Year
Journal Publishes Study on Psychological Consequences of Abortion 'Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences' Looks at Research
Life Wins Protection in Dominican Republic
Looking for Some Common Ground on Abortion. Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Camps Can't Seem to Get Together By Karna Swanson
March for Life in Rome. Washington D.C. Serves as Model for Upcoming Pro-Life March in Italy By Ann Schneible
Marketing Life: Using Media to Reach Abortion-Minded Women. Heroic Media Director on Getting Expectant Moms to Resources They Need
Men and the Abortion Aftermath. Interview With Kevin Burke of Rachel’s Vineyard
Mental Retardation and Life Decisions
Mexico Archdiocese Speaks Up on Abortion.Calls It an "Absolute Immoral Act"
Mexico Delegation Disappoints Pro-Abortion Lobby at UN Commission on Population and Development. Focuses Intervention on Development
More UK Doctors Refusing to Do Abortions. Young Doctors Especially Contrary to Procedure, Statistics Show
New Report on the Health Risks of Abortion
New York Bishops Decry Passage & Signing of Abortion Expansion Legislation
New Yorkers Welcome Defeat of Abortion Bill "A Remarkable Victory for Unborn Children"
Nicaragua Pressured to Go Pro-Abortion. Aid Made Dependant Upon Liberalizing Laws
No 'Right' to Abortion in Colombia. Law's Hidden Agenda Thwarted
No Consensus on Abortion in Council of Europe. Though Most Countries Allow Abortion, Still No Agreement Among Committee of Ministers
Not Religious, But Pro-Life.Representative of Secular Pro-Life Explains Group's Mission to Broaden Movement to End Abortion
PAS and the Second Victim of Abortion - Part II
Persistent Myths About Abortion. Interview With Bioethicist Doctor Rosario Laris By Omar Arcega
Peruvians Decry Protocol on Legality of Abortion. Clarify That "Interrupting Pregnancy" Is Never a Therapy
Philadelphia Abortionist Charged With Murder. Archdiocese Notes "Shock, Horror;" Affirms Readiness to Bury Babies Stored at Mill
Poll: 58% of Americans Want Abortion Restrictions. 1 in 5 Say It Should Be Illegal in All Circumstances
Poll: Huge Majority of Americans Want Abortion Restrictions. 83% Favor Limits; Number Up From Last Year
Poll: Most Americans Want Abortion Restricted. Over 90% Favor Limits
Pontiff's Comments on Pro-abortion Politicians Clarified. Aide: They Exclude Selves From Communion
Pope Decries Abortion: One Cannot Do Away With a Human Being, Even If Small, to Resolve a Problem
Pope Denounces Abortion Campaigns in Africa. Addresses Kenyan Bishops on Marriage and Family
Pope Stresses Duty to Promote Truth About Abortion. Affirms Value of Researching Umbilical Cord Blood
Pope Weighs in as Mexico Nears Abortion Vote
Post-Abortion Initiative to Heal More Hearts
Prayer Vigil to Be Held for Victims of Convicted Pennsylvania Abortion Doctor. Priests for Life Director Calls on Medical Examiner To Release Bodies for Proper Burial
Prelate Decries India's Abortions of Females
Prelate Protests Abortion in US Military Hospitals. Says Armed Forces Want to Protect Life, Not Destroy It
Priests for Life Supporting Vote on Abortion Ban in Texas. Youth Interns Aid in Media Outreach
Pro-abortion Legislation Fails in Colorado. Catholic Conference Says Voices Needed in Public Square 'More Than Ever'
Pro-Abortion Report Rejected at European Parliament Estrela Report Rejected 334-327
Pro-Lifers Counter Pro-Abortion Twitter Campaign. Coalition of Pro-Choice Groups Set May 28 as a Day for Promotion of Abortion as 'Women's Health' in Developing World
Pro-Lifers Take Win, Plan More Work on Health Bill
Probe Clears Canadian Agency of Funding Abortion. Bishops Set to Release Findings of Investigation By David Naglieri
Providence Prelate Blasts Giuliani. Calls His Abortion Stance "Pathetic"
Psychologist: Most Abortions in Britain Illegal. Says "Charade" is Operating Around Country's Abortion Laws
Quebec's Bishops Call for Calm Debate on Abortion. Say Topic Is Painful, But Must Be Addressed By Marine Soreau
Rape and Abortion
Regulations Threaten to "Significantly Liberalise" Abortion in UK. Catholics Called to Campaign Against Proposed Dispensation of Doctors' Consultation
Regulations Threaten to "Significantly Liberalise" Abortion in UK. Catholics Called to Campaign Against Proposed Dispensation of Doctors' Consultation
Religions Unite Against AIDS. Interview With Nigerian Archbishop By Mariaelena Finessi
Report Uncovers Funding of Abortion With EU Tax Dollars. Shows European Commission Collaboration With Planned Parenthood
Rising Up: The Black Pro-Life Movement Asserts Itself. Founder of "Black Genocide" on Leadership, Unity and the Future Kathleen Naab
Russian Orthodox Propose Measures to Reduce Abortion. Country Faces Dramatic Demographic Decline By Paul De Maeyer
Scottish Life Day Marks Abortion Anniversary
Silent Genocide. Selective Abortions Take High Toll of Girls By Father John Flynn, L.C.
Silent No More Group to Remind NARAL of Women Abortion Victims. Party-goers to Annual Pro-Choice Event Will Walk by 'I Regret My Abortion' Demonstrators
South African Prelates Grim on Abortion Bill
South Dakota Women to be Told Abortion Ends a Life. State's Informed Consent Law Passes Legal Hurdle
Spain's Rate of Abortion Doubles in a Decade. Growth Exceeds Every Other European Country By Inmaculada Álvarez
Spain: Abortion Law Decried as It Goes Into Effect
Speaking Out After Abortion ... and Having the Message Heard. Is Our Nation More Ready to Listen?
Stopping an Abortion That's Already Started. Walk for Life Speaker Explains How She Gave Birth to Healthy Boy After RU-486
Study Published on Abortion and the European Convention on Human Rights. A Forgotten Right: the 'Right Not to Abort'
The 'Right' to Abortion and Its Consequences. The US Supreme Court's Rush to Judgment
The Abortion Lie. Temperatures Rise in British Debate By Father John Flynn, L.C.
The Dangers of Abortion. New Studies Reveal Risks By Father John Flynn, LC
The Effects of Abortion on Men
The Pro-Life Campaign That Is Closing Abortion Clinics. Next '40 Days for Life' Begins Wednesday
U.S. Kicks Off 40 Days for Life. Nationwide Campaign to End Abortion
UK Abortion Law Criticized as Paralympics Come to an End. Games Coordinator Calls on British Government to Change Legislation
UK Bishops Decry Abortion TV Ads. Encourage Women to Make Informed Choices
UK Midwives To Be Allowed to Take 'Main Role' in Performing Abortions. Pro-Life Groups Condemn New Guidelines
UN Told That Abortion Is Torture."The ultimate goal of the abortion strategy is to win on the field of values ... a complete inversion of values"
UN's Rapporteur on Torture Called to Investigate Cases of Children Born Alive After Late Abortions. Appeal Notes Cases in Canada, UK
UN: The ECLJ Deplores a “Pro-Abortion Offensive”
Unrelenting Tussle Over Abortion. Intense Activity at State Level By Father John Flynn
US Bishops Denounce Supreme Court’s Abortion Ruling
US Bishops Laud Anti-Abortion Funding Bill. Act Also Increases Conscience Protection
US Bishops Urge Congress to Improve Protection of Conscience Regarding Abortion. Cite California's Move to Mandate Abortion in All Health Plans
US Bishops Urge Support for 'No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act'.Note Popular and Congressional Agreement on the Issue for More Than 37 Years
US Bishops: Abortion Isn't Health Care. Send Urgent Message to Congress
US Bishops: Pelosi Got Church Teaching Wrong. House Speaker Misrepresents Catholic Understanding of Life
US Cardinal Backs Pregnant Women Support Act. Says No Woman Should Be Forced to Choose Abortion
US Headed Beyond Roe. Vs. Wade, Prelate Warns. Bill Could Make Abortion an "Entitlement"
US: Bishops Decry Late-Term Abortion Legislation
Vaccines Originating in Abortion
Vanguard Hospital Helps Women Reverse Abortions. Pro-Life Workers Collaborate in Bethlehem Project By Genevieve Pollock
Vatican Official: Abortion a Type of Terrorism
Voting Pro-Abortion Called Cooperating in Evil. Texas Bishops Resolve Doubts for Faithful Citizens
What the U.S. Abortion Ruling Means. Professor Douglas Kmiec Analyzes the Court's Decision
Why Do Women Have Abortions?
Will Abortion Loopholes Stay in US Health Law? Bishops' Aide Reflects on Initial Sign From Administration
Woman Regrets Her Attempted Abortion in Time to Save Her Baby.Hormone Treatments Successful in Stopping RU-486
Women, Abortion and Mental Health. Reactions to Study of American Psychological Association By Karna Swanson