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‘Sunday Mass’ on Thursday and Friday
Bells and Communion
Church and World Liturgy Pixabay CC0 - jclk8888 Liturgy Q&A: Charles de Foucauld and Solitary Adoration
Fr Edward McNamara: Morning Prayer and the Our Father
How Are Funeral Rites Celebrated During the Pandemic?
How to End the Passion Reading
Liturgical Dance, Still Frowned On
LITURGY Q & A: Communion for Non-celebrating Priests
LITURGY Q & A: Extraordinary Ministers Nearing the Altar
LITURGY Q & A: Fisherman’s Ring
LITURGY Q & A: Options for Votive Masses
LITURGY Q & A: Particular Churches and Patronal Feasts
LITURGY Q & A: Substitutions in the Liturgy of the Hours
LITURGY Q & A: Vestments for Exposition and Benediction
LITURGY Q&A: Candles at Adoration When One Isn’t Enough
Liturgy Q&A: Children’s Homilies
Liturgy Q&A: Honor Guards at Funerals And More on Gestures During the Confiteor
Liturgy Q&A: Inclinations at the Doxology
Liturgy Q&A: Proper Use of the Cincture
Reserving the Eucharist at Home
When a Crucifix Is Absent And More on Baptismal Fonts
"Brothers" or "Sisters" And More on Breast-Beating
"Cup" Instead of "Chalice" And More on Crucifixes
"For All" vs. "for Many" And More on Hand Missals
"He Descended Into Hell" And More on iPads
"I Now Declare You Man and Wife" And More on Spanish at Mass
"So Very Dry" Liturgy And More on Priests and Bishops
"The Mystery of Faith" And More on Deacons' Garb and the Divine Office
"What Prayer Does Not Dare to Ask" And More on First Communions
1983 Code and the Tridentine Mass
2 Paschal Candles; Lights On at Vigil And More on Washing of the Feet
3 Masses on Christmas And More on the Creed
7 Candles at a Bishop's Mass And More on Communion for the Remarried
A Christmas Play After the Homily. And More on Deacons
A Commentator's Role And More on Hands
A Healthy Crisis for the Liturgy. Interview With Father J. Castellano, Vatican Consultor
A Place for the Book of the Gospels And More on Over-the-Phone Acts
A Richer Liturgical Translation: Interview With Bishop Roche
A Sacristan's Duties And More on the Corporal
A Service as a Substitute for Mass And More on Singing at the Elevation
Accommodating the Deaf And More on Desacralization
Acting Out the Passion Narrative And More on Commemorations
Adapting the Mysteries of the Rosary And More on Vigil Masses and on Readings
Adding Names in Eucharistic Prayers And More on Incensing the Congregation
Administering the Chalice
Adoration and Mass And More on "Cup" vs. "Chalice"
Advent Wreaths and Incensing
Advent Wreaths and Penitential Rites. And More on Theology of Liturgies
After a Church Is Attacked And More on Adoration Without Exposition
After the Book of the Gospels Is Read What the Congregation Should Do
Agnus Dei, Beyond the Norms And More on Paschal Candles
All About Indults And More on the Liturgy of the Eucharist
All Souls' Day and the Vigil Mass And More on Masses for the Deceased
Altar Cloths And More on Media at Homilies
Altars, Dedications and Relics
Alternative English Texts for Mass And More on Altar Wine
An Alb Alone; Delayed Penance. And More on Deacons as Readers and Servers
And With Your Spirit And More on the Episcopalian Eucharist
Angelus Right After Mass And More on Celebrating Mass Alone
Anointing of the Sick. And More on the Chair of the Priest Celebrant
Applause at Homilies And More on Substituting the Sunday Liturgy
Applause at Homilies And More on Substituting the Sunday Liturgy
Appropriate Penances. Interpreting Liturgical Norms
Archbishop Di Noia: Faith, Morality Are Reasonable. Liturgy Congregation Secretary to Visit New York
Archbishop in Philippines: Inappropriate Clapping at Mass Must End
Arriving After the Gospel: No Communion And More on the Mass Intention
Ashes and How to Impose Them And More on Ordinations
Ashes for Children and non-Catholics And More on the Papal "Oath"
Ashes to Ashes: A Follow-Up
Assigning Names to Angels. Answered by Legionary of Christ Father Edward McNamara, professor of liturgy and dean of theology at the Regina Apostolorum university.
Attending Sunday Mass at Other Parishes And a Last Word on Christmastide
‘Go in Peace, Alleluia, Alleluia’
‘Handing Over’ a Mass
Babies in the Offertory Procession And More on the Doxology
Baby Jesus in the Crèche And More on Gospel Acclamations
Baptism of the Lord and Ordinary Time And More on Priests' Communion
Baptismal Font Near the Altar And More on Weddings
Benediction by a Bishop And More on Blessings
Birettas and Academic Hats at Mass And More on the Sede Vacante
Bishops' Interpretations of Liturgical Laws And More on Singing
Blessed Sacrament Under Glass
Blessings at First Masses And More on Divine Mercy Sunday
Blessings at Holy Communion And More on Safekeeping of the Eucharist
Blessings Over the Phone
Blessings When the Eucharist Is Exposed And More on Incensing
Blessings Without a Stole And More on the Agnus Dei
Blue Liturgical Vestments And on Paschal Candles
Both Hands at Elevation of Host And More on Sacraments and Intentions
Both Species for Concelebrants "All celebrants are obliged to communicate both species, and except in some very particular circumstances, it is a grave abuse if they are unable to do so"
Bowing While Kneeling. And More on Extraordinary Ministers
Breaking of the Host And More on Bowing
Breast-Beating During the Confiteor And More on the Ave Maria
Breviary and the New Missal Translation And More on the Rosary
Bringing Sacred Music Back to Liturgy. Participant in Mexico Conference Shares Insights
Bringing the Liturgy Back to the Real Vatican II. Cardinal Burke Comments on Sacra Liturgia Conference
Broadcasting the Parish Mass And a Question Related to Participation in Protestant Events
Calendars of Religious And More on Sacred Oils
Candles at the Gospel Reading And More on Baptismal Fonts
Canonizations and Infallibility And More on Churching After Childbirth
Cardinal Burke's Homily While Visiting Ireland for Liturgy Conference "Our reflection upon the struggle to practice justice which is the minimum and indispensable condition for love helps us, in particular, to see how to live faithful Christian lives in a
Cardinal Ranjith on Forming the Faithful to Live the Liturgy. Sacra Liturgia Conference Under Way in Rome
Cardinal: Liturgical Error Often Due to Ignorance. Says Mass Is Church's Life and Breath
Catholics and Russian Orthodox Seen as Allies. Moscow Patriarchate Sponsors 2-Day Event in Vatican. By Carmen Elena Villa
Celebrating in an Eastern Rite And More on Female Servers
Celebrating the Mass Silently And More on the Rite of Marriage
Celebrating the Memorial of John Paul II And More on Right-handed Gestures
Changing the "Pray Brethren ." And More on Translations
Changing the Presider And More on the Fraction Rite
Children Writing Lists of Their Sins And More on Garb
Children's Liturgy of the Word
Children's Masses
Chinese State-Sponsored Mass And More on Saints in the Roman Missal
Choice of Readings for Christmas And More on Marian Solemnities
Christmas Acclamation. Substitute Response Is Out of Place
Christmas Cribs in Church And More on Bows During Mass
Christmas Decorations
Christmas Vigil Masses; Options on Readings And More on Bishops' Names
Churches Dedicated and Consecrated And More on Complications of 2 Forms in 1 Rite
Churching After Childbirth And More on Use of English Translations Abroad
Coadjutors in the Eucharistic Prayer
Coffee and Food in the Sacristy And More on the Alleluia
Cohabiting Brides and Grooms And More on a Silent Mass
Colors of Cassocks and Altar Cloths And More on Paper Towel Purificators
Combining Office of Readings and Morning Prayer And More on the Way of the Cross
Commemorating Saints in Lent And More on Confession
Communion Through a Feeding Tube And More on Confirmations
Completing the Rites of Baptism. Father Edward McNamara,LC
Complications of 2 Forms in 1 Rite And More on Mass Intentions
Concelebrants From Different Rites And More on Consecrated Hosts
Concelebrating at Additional Masses And More on Christmas Masses
Concelebrating in an Unfamiliar Language And More on the Sign of Peace
Concelebration With Peculiarities And More on Godparents
Confession Before Baptism. And More on "Sunday Mass" on a Weekday
Consecration at a Distance And More on the "Amen"
Consecration of Both Species for Mass. And More on Overhead Projectors
Covering the Crucifix And More on Wreath Candles
Criteria for Preparing the Altar And More on the Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms
Crucifixes on the Altar
Daily Homily: Be Imitators of Me As I Am of Christ. Feast of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, Priest, July 31
Deacon's Duties and Gestures And More on Altar Crosses
Deacons and Baptisms at Mass
Deacons and Exorcisms And More on the Marriage Ceremony
Deacons and the Chrism Mass
Deacons and the Passion Narrative And More on the Chrism Mass
Deacons’ Hands on the Altar, by Fr McNamara
Dedication Rites for a Church And More on the Book of the Gospels
Degrees of Blessings And More on the "Pray, Brethren"
Denying Communion to Someone And More on Ashes for Non-Catholics
Deviations in Holy Week And More on Friday Abstinence
Differing Rules on the "Lamb of God "
Disposing of Old Missals and Sacramentaries And More on the Confiteor and Breast-Beating
Distributing Communion to Concelebrants And More on Freemasonry
Distribution of Communion by Non-attendees
Distribution of Communion During a TV Mass
Divine Mercy Sunday And More on Communion on Good Friday
Doxology Grammar; New Missal And More on Which Ordinary to Mention
Draft English Translation of Liturgy Completed.Commission Chairman Estimates Final Text to be Ready in 2008
Dropping Saturday’s Mass
DVD Series Invites Diving Into Mystery of the Liturgy. Features Prefect of Sacraments Congregation
Eastern Rites and Orthodox And More on "Healing Masses"
Eastertide Holy Water and Statues And More on Holy Thursday
Electric Sanctuary Candles And More on Papal Ceremonies
Elevating the Host and Chalice And More on Eucharistic Prayers
Ending a Homily And More on the Liturgy of the Hours
Ending the Morning and Evening Prayer And More on Concelebrants
English and the Tridentine Mass
Ensuring Enough Hosts for Good Friday. And More on Morning and Evening Prayer
Enthronement of Gospel And More on Sung Consecrations
Enthronement on Third Sunday of Ordinary Time
Entrance Procession Without Cross and Candles
Epiclesis in Eucharistic Prayer I And More on Receiving Communion
Episcopalian Eucharist And More on a Deacon's Duties
Eucharist vs. the Word And More on Forms of Absolution
Eucharistic Prayers for Children And More on Solemnities and Sundays
Eucharistic Prayers for Reconciliation And More on Stations of the Cross
Eucharistic Prayers for Reconciliation And More on the Color of Cassocks
Exorcism of Salt and Water
Explaining the Mass During Mass And More on Christmas
Exposition of the Precious Blood And More on Holy Thursday
Extent of a Bishop's Authority And More on Pre-recorded Masses
Extra Kneeling; Monstrance on Holy Thursday And More on Chrism
Extraordinary Ministers and Both Species of Communion And More on Paraliturgies
Extraordinary Ministers’ Limits
Face-to-Face Confessions, and Other Queries And More on Laymen
Father Lombardi: Liturgy Draws Toward Unity. Says Papal Document Invites Reciprocal Openness
Faulty Trinitarian Formula And More on Postures at the Consecration
Female Servers in the Extraordinary Form And More on the Blessed Sacrament
First Communion, Without Pomp
Flowers at the Tabernacle
Funeral Liturgy Prayer Format
Funeral Masses And More on the Eastern Rites
General Absolution at a Nursing Home. And More on Altars and Deacons' Garb
Genuflections and Ciboria And More on Languages
Gloria's "Sin" and Agnus Dei's "Sins" And More on Concelebrants
Gregorian Masses And More on the Easter Candle
Gregorian Masses; Multiple Intentions And More on the Rosary
Guarding Against Swine Flu And More on Venerating Relics
Hand Sanitizer at Communion Time And More on Shades of Violet
Head Coverings for Women And More on Blessings and on Divine Mercy Sunday
Healing Masses. Where the Priest Should Begin Mass
Hearing Confessions During Mass And More on Praying for the Departed
History of Deaconesses
History of Holy Week. Interview With Father Juan Flores Arcas
Holy Ghost and Holy Spirit
Holy Hours And More on the Blessing of Salt
Holy Water, Abstinence and Mimes And More on Alternative Texts for Mass
Homilies, Written or Not And More on Crucifixes
Honoring the Book of the Gospels And More on Postures After Communion
How Far to Extend the Hands at Mass. There Are No Strict Specifications
How to Understand Purification. And More on Moms and First Communion
If Not Ready for the New Missal And More on Managing Large Books
Incensing the Congregation And More on Homilies
Incensing the Easter Candle
Incensing the Host, Altars, Etc. And More on Enthronement of Gospel
Including St. Joseph in Eucharistic Prayers And More on Blessings
India: Latin-rite Bishops Discuss ‘The joy of the Gospel’
Indulgences at the Point of Death And More on Incense and Thuribles
Indulgences on Sold Items. And More on Anointing of the Sick
Indult for 3 Daily Masses? And More on Venerables
Inserts Into Eucharistic Prayers And More on Blessings When Eucharist Is Exposed
Interpreting Liturgical Norms And More on Exiting After Communion
Interrupting the Mass And More on Vestments in Hot Climates
INTERVIEW: New Book Addresses the Search for God’s Presence
Introductory Rites Unite Priest and Congregation. Both Turn Attention to the Sacred Celebration of the Mass By Father Paul Gunter, OSB
Invoking Old Testament Figures And More on Orthodox Joining the Catholic Church
Is a Strong Priesthood In the World's Future? Prayer, Liturgy Seen As Pillars of Renewal By Father Massimo Camisasca
Kissing at the Sign of Peace And More on English Translations
Kissing the Hands of a New Priest And More on Candles
Kneeling at the Final Prayer And More on Wearing the Rosary as a Necklace
Kneeling Through the Doxology And More on Bishops as Concelebrants
Latin Priests and the Anglican Rite
Lay Preaching on Good Friday And More on Masses in Lent
Layman's Gestures During Eucharistic Prayer And More on Broadcasting the Mass
Laypeople Distributing Ashes And More on Non-ordained "Presiders"
Laypeople's Use of Oil. And More on Substituting the Psalm
Leaving Right After Communion And More on Mass Outside a Sacred Space
Lighting the Advent Candles And More on the Liturgy of the Hours
Lighting the Easter Candle And More on Blessings at Communion
Limited Veneration of the Cross And More on the Washing of Feet
Liturgical Garb for Habit-Wearers
Liturgical Texts for Papal Visit Posted. Pope's Prayer at Ground Zero Implores Peace for "Violent World"
Liturgical Vestments and the Vesting Prayers. Father Gagliardi Explains the Tradition and Meaning
Liturgy Language: Soaring Poetry vs. Bumpy Prose. Column From Chair of US Bishops' Committee on Scripture Translations
Liturgy Official Backs Return of Corpus Christi to Thursday. Notes Desire That Christians Proclaim Christ's Presence
LITURGY Q & A: 3rd Readings for a Solemnity
Liturgy Q & A: Administering the Chalice
LITURGY Q & A: Alternate Cantors During the Exsultet
LITURGY Q & A: Baptisms at Mass
LITURGY Q & A: Betrothal Ceremony
LITURGY Q & A: Blessed Sacrament Chapels Inside a Church
LITURGY Q & A: Blessing a Motorcycle Within a Mass
LITURGY Q & A: Blessing a Motorcycle Within a Mass
LITURGY Q & A: Blessing of Water Outside Mass
LITURGY Q & A: Blessing of Water Outside Mass
Liturgy Q & A: Blessings and Affiliations
LITURGY Q & A: Carrying the Book of the Gospels And More on the Passion Reading
LITURGY Q & A: Churches of Parishes and of Religious Congregations
LITURGY Q & A: Codification of Liturgical Law
LITURGY Q & A: Colored Surplices
Liturgy Q & A: Colored Vestments During Exposition and Benediction
Liturgy Q & A: Communion by Intinction And More on Location of Tabernacles
LITURGY Q & A: Communion for Celiac Sufferers
LITURGY Q & A: Communion for the Autistic
LITURGY Q & A: Deacons and Baptisms in Extraordinary Form
LITURGY Q & A: Genuflecting to the Cross
LITURGY Q & A: Hymns at Communion Time
LITURGY Q & A: If the Wrong Hour Is Prayed
LITURGY Q & A: Illumination at the Easter Vigil
LITURGY Q & A: Incensing of Deacons
LITURGY Q & A: Intinction for Concelebrants
LITURGY Q & A: Kiss of Peace
LITURGY Q & A: Latin in the Liturgy of the Hours
LITURGY Q & A: Liturgy of the Hours Revisited. Obligation to Pray It Is Inherent to Holy Orders
Liturgy Q & A: Location of Tabernacle
LITURGY Q & A: Masses for the Holy Family
LITURGY Q & A: Masses on Saturday Evenings
LITURGY Q & A: Materials for Sacred Vessels
LITURGY Q & A: Missals on the Altar
LITURGY Q & A: Non-celebrating Priest Proclaiming the Gospel
Liturgy Q & A: Orientation of the Cross at Mass
LITURGY Q & A: Placement of the Paschal Candle
LITURGY Q & A: Prayers of the Faithful
LITURGY Q & A: Priest’s Private Prayer Before Communion
LITURGY Q & A: Proper Posture at the Sequence
LITURGY Q & A: Renewing the Reserved Hosts
LITURGY Q & A: Roles of Multiple Deacons at Mass
LITURGY Q & A: Sign of Peace an Option
LITURGY Q & A: Singing or Reciting the Alleluia
LITURGY Q & A: Taped Music at Mass And More on Sign Language
LITURGY Q & A: The Alleluia Before the Gospel
LITURGY Q & A: Two Lecterns in a Church
LITURGY Q & A: Using a Ciborium as a Chalice
LITURGY Q & A: Using Old Easter Candles
Liturgy Q & A: Validity of Protestant Baptisms
Liturgy Q & A: Vespers With Exposition and Benediction
LITURGY Q & A: Washing of Hands Instead of Feet
LITURGY Q & A: Ways to Gain an Indulgence
LITURGY Q & A: What Chalices Should Be Made of
LITURGY Q & A: When a Feast of the Lord Falls on a Saturday
LITURGY Q & A: When Bodies Are Donated for Research
LITURGY Q & A: Why Not to Empty Holy Water Fonts
LITURGY Q & A: ‘Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper’
Liturgy Q&A: Adornments on a Tabernacle
Liturgy Q&A: Confirmation Names
LITURGY Q&A: Deacon’s Role at Incensing
Liturgy Q&A: Deacons Forgoing Ministry for Music
Liturgy Q&A: Funeral Masses and Requiem Masses
LITURGY Q&A: Interrupting a Mass for Confessions
LITURGY Q&A: Main Celebrants Without Chasubles
Liturgy Q&A: More on Pro Populo Masses
Liturgy Q&A: Multiple Expositions of Blessed Sacrament
Liturgy Q&A: Multiple Statues of Mary in a Church
LITURGY Q&A: Non-biblical Texts at Mass
Liturgy Q&A: Online Benedictions
Liturgy Q&A: Removing the Missal at the Incensation
Liturgy Q&A: Shining a Spotlight on a Monstrance
LITURGY Q&A: Special Liturgical Privileges
Liturgy Q&A: Striking the Breast During the Confiteor
LITURGY Q&A: When an Oratory is Refurbished
Liturgy Q-and-A: On Receiving Communion Multiple Times And More on the Why of the Liturgy
Liturgy Should Inspire Action, Says Cardinal Bertone. Urges Christians to Be Good Citizens
Liturgy, Beauty and Truth. Interview With Artist David Clayton
Liturgy: Celebrating Mass the Evening Before. Questions on Anticipating the Celebration of the Eucharist
LITURGY: Rinsing of Hands After Distribution of Communion And More on Inscriptions
Local Customs vs. Liturgical Law
Location and Procession of Choir And More on Indulgences
Managing a Large Missal And More on the Breviary
Marian Hymns at Offertory And More on Inaudible Prayers
Marian Masses in Lent and Advent And More on Purification of Sacred Vessels
Mass and Benediction And More on Presiders
Mass Could End With More Than "Go in Peace" Holy See Approves 3 Alternative Closing Messages
Mass With the Society of St. Pius X And More on Stoles
Masses for Non-Catholic Officials And More on Distributing Communion to Concelebrants
Masses for Priestly Vocations And More on the Precious Blood for Children
Masses for the Living and the Dead And More on Head Coverings
Masters of Ceremonies And More on Marian Hymns at Offertory
May Crownings of Mary And More on Food in the Sacristy
Membership in the Masons And More on the Office of Readings
Mentioning Bishops in the Eucharistic Prayers And More on Baptism and on Swine Flu
Mentioning Names at Communion And More on the Focus at Mass
Mentioning the Mass Intention And More on Multiple Chalices
Mentioning the Saint of the Day And More on Ministers at the Liturgy of the Hours
Midnight Mass at 9 p.m. And More on Christmas Cribs in Church
Missing or Faulty Forms of Absolution And More on Civil Marriages
Mixing Blessed and Unblessed Oils And More on Attending Other Parishes
Mixing the Forms. And More on What Deacons Can Do
Mixing the Forms. And More on What Deacons Can Do
Multiple Anointings of the Sick
Multiple Communions on Good Friday
Music During the Eucharistic Prayer And More on the Liturgy of the Hours
New English Liturgy Seen as "More Formal" Msgr. Wadsworth Explains the Translation Process
New Priests Blessing Bishops And More on Deacons and the Passion Narrative
Newly Ordained as Concelebrant And More on Civil Weddings
Non-Catholics Preaching the Seven Last Words And More on Names in Eucharistic Prayers
Non-celebrating Priests Reading the Gospel
Non-liturgical Music in Cathedrals
Non-ordained "Presider" And More on Lectors and Altars; and the Deaf
Novenas and Devotions During Mass And More on "Sin" and "Sins"
Objecting to Communion in the Hand
Obligation of the Liturgy of the Hours And More on "For Many"
Observance of Liturgical Norms and "Ars Celebrandi" Father Gagliardi Reflects on Abuses in Celebrating the Mass
October Prayer Intentions And More on Breaking the Host
Office of Readings the Evening Before And More on Explaining the Parts of the Mass
Oils in an Emergency And More on "Holy Ghost"
On Banners, Overhead Projectors and PowerPoint Displays And More on Latin in the Mass
On Changing the Corporal And More on Words at the Consecration
On Liturgical Norms for the Neocatechumenal Way. Interview With Cardinal Arinze
On Living the Liturgy. Interview With Rector of Pontifical Liturgical Institute
On Paraliturgies And More on the Book of the Gospels
Online Masses
Only the Magnificat at Vespers
Origin and Use of the Paschal Candle And More on the Passion
Overdoing the Christmas Decorations And More on the Angelus
Padre Pio, Monsignor Escrivá and the Roman Missal And More on Saints' Prayers
Palms Amid the Pandemic
Panama: Pope Confirms Participation in World Youth Day 2019
Papal Homily at Conclusion of Christian Unity Week "Our Desire for Unity Must Not Be Limited to Isolated Occasions"
Paper Towel Purificators And More on the Faithful Taking the Host Directly
Participation in Protestant Events And More on the Chalice Pall
Pastoral Administrators And More on the Apostles' Creed
Pedophiles and Ordination And More on Penances
Penitential Rite and “Absolution”
Picking the Day Lent Begins. And More on Polygamy
Pius V's 1570 Bull And More on the Divine Praises
Planning Your Funeral Liturgy
Polygamy, Sons and the Priesthood. And More on Purification
Pope Praises Neocatechumenate's Missionary Zeal. Reflects on Meaning of Liturgy By Salvatore Cernuzio
Pope to Youth: What Is God Asking of You? Encourages Young People to Proclaim Good News
Postures at Adoration and After Communion And More on Saturday Mass
Prayer at the Purification
Prayers Recited Quietly And More on Postures at Mass
Praying for the Departed And More on May Crownings
Praying in Jesus' Own Language. Interview With Professor of Chaldean Liturgy
Pre-recorded Masses And More on "Dry" Liturgy
Precious Blood for Young Children And More on Cohabiting Couples
Prelude Music; Eucharist in Sacristy Safe And More on Abstinence in Lent
Proper Use of Anointing of the Sick
Prostration and Vestments on Good Friday. And More on the Precious Blood
Prostration at the Consecration. And More on Adaptations for Infirm Priests
Purification of Sacred Vessels in U.S. And More on the Baptism and Presentation of Our Lord
Questionable Baptism And More on Swine Flu
Readers' Bows to the Presider And More on Eucharist vs. the Word
Readings on a Feast of the Lord And More on Late Arrivals to Mass
Relics of Saints in Museum
Removing the Blessed Sacrament And More on Calendars
Renewal of Marriage Vows And More on Responses
Report on 6th International Liturgy Conference (Part 1) "50 years of Sacrosanctum Concilium"
Report on 6th International Liturgy Conference (Part 2) "50 Years of Sacrosanctum Concilium"
Requiem Masses on Sundays of Advent. And More on Children at Communion Time
Reserving the Precious Blood. And More on General Absolution
Responsibility for Liturgical Laws
Reverencing the Altar at the Liturgy of the Hours
Right-handed Gestures And More on Canonizations
Rite For The Burial of Ashes
Rite of Committal at Cemetery
Rite of Election of Catechumens And More on Lenten Masses
Rite of Marriage And More on Confessions During Mass
Rite of Sprinkling With Holy Water And More on Blessed Oils
Rite of the Anointing of the Sick
Roman Catholic Funeral Rites and Customs
Rosary and Other Marian Devotions And More on "The Mystery of Faith"
Saint’s Day Mass as an Ordination Liturgy
Saturday Mass for Sunday And More on Solemnities, Feasts, Memorials
Scriptural Basis of the Mass as Sacrifice And More on Withholding Holy Communion
Scriptural Translations And More on the Mass as Sacrifice
Seal of Confession And More on Blessings
Shades of Violet in Advent And More on Orthodox Holy Oils
Shifting or Substituting the Sunday Liturgy And More on Communion and Extraordinary Ministers
Sign of Peace And More on the Creed
Singing at the Elevation And More on the Profane at Mass
Singing the Consecration And More on Liturgy of the Hours
Slide Shows at Homilies And More on Sacristans
Solemnities, Feasts, Memorials And More on Churches Dedicated and Consecrated
Songs With God in First Person And More on Genuflections
Spanish Homilies Read by a Layman And More on Devotions During Mass
Spanish Translations for U.S. And More on Masses on Sundays of Advent
Speaking in Tongues at Mass And More on Children's Liturgy
St. Michael Prayer at Mass
Standing as the Hosts Are Reserved
Starting Mass Without a Priest. And More on the Sign of Peace
Stations of the Cross
Stripping the Altars on Holy Thursday
Substituting the Creed And More on Consecration at a Distance
Substituting the Psalm
Sunday Mass on Mondays And More on the Trinitarian Formula
Table Wine for Mass And More on Celebrating Extra Masses
Teens as Extraordinary Ministers And More on Speaking in Tongues
Televised Masses
The "Adoro Te Devote" And More on Blue Vestments
The "Papal Coronation Oath" And More on Alternate Venues for Attending Mass
The "Te Deum" And More on Consecration of Both Species
The Ave Maria at Funerals And More on the New Missal
The Chair of the Priest Celebrant. And More on Incensing
The Divine Praises at Adoration And More on Unauthorized Baptisms
The Double Alleluia And More on Chrism Masses
The Episcopalian Eucharist. And More on Priests Living in Public Sin
The Language of Liturgical Celebration. How Latin Could Serve as a "Bond of Unity" By Uwe Michael Lang, CO
The Liturgy Source of Life, Prayer and Catechesis (CCC 1071-1075). Column of Liturgical Theology by Don Mauro Gagliardi By Don Mauro Gagliardi
The Liturgy, Work of the Trinity/1: God the Father (CCC 1077-1083). Father Mauro Gagliardis Column on Liturgical Theology By Nicola Bux*
The Liturgy, Work of the Trinity/2: God the Son (CCC 1084-1090). Column on Liturgical Theology; Coordinator: Father Mauro Gagliardi By Uwe Michael Lang*
The Liturgy, Work of the Trinity/3: God the Holy Spirit (CCC 1091-1109). Column on Liturgical Theology; Coordinator: Father Mauro Gagliardi By Paul Gunter, O.S.B.*
The Mass in All Its Glory. Literature Professor Offers Insights Into the Poetry of the New Translation By Kathleen Naab
The Meaning of "Should" And More on Daily Masses
The Part of Consecration at Mass. And More on Swings of the Thurible
The Priest in the Concluding Rites of the Mass. Father Mauro Gagliardi Explains the Blessing and Dismissal
The Verse Before the Gospel
Theology of Latin- and Eastern-Rite Liturgies And More on Interrupting the Mass
Transferring Obligatory Memorials
Translations of Marian Masses And More on the Elevation and on Eucharistic Prayer IV
Treatment of Partially Consumed Hosts
Tuning Out at the Homily And More on Extending the Hands
UK Queen, Government Welcome Papal Visit. Event Will Take Place September 16-19
Unauthorized Baptism And More on Non-liturgical Music
Unbleached Candles
Upside-down Crosses And More on Mentioning Names at Communion
Use of a Hand Missal at Mass And More on the Doxology
Use of Altars by Non-Catholics. And More on Albs
Use of Latin in Mass
Use of Mustum at Mass. And More on Episcopalian Eucharist
Use of Orthodox Holy Oils And More on Communion for Patients
Use of the Te Deum
Using an iPad at the Gospel. And More on Children's Masses
Using Classrooms for Mass And More on Commentaries
Using Instruments During Anointings
Using Multiple Ciboria and Chalices And More on Spanish Homilies
Using the Chalice Pall And More on Old Testament Figures
Using the Purifier on the Lips And More on Garb
Venerating Icons at Mass
Venerating Relics at Mass And More on the Extraordinary Form
Veneration for a "Venerable" And More on Eastern Rites
Veneration of Altar at End of Mass And More on Concelebrants From Different Rites
Vespers and Penitential Services
Vestment Colors at a Concelebratio And More on the Blessed Sacrament
Votive Masses in Lent in Honor of Relics
Votive Offices in the Liturgy of the Hours And More on Benediction at Mass
Washing of the Feet on Holy Thursday. And More on Days of Abstinence
Water and Multiple Chalices And More on Concelebrations
Way of the Cross. Within Mass. And More on Good Friday
Wearing Stoles Over the Chasuble And More on "Pro Multis"
Wedding Processions And More on the Book of the Gospels
Weddings in Lent And More on Catechumens
What "Consubstantial" Means And More on "And With Your Spirit"
What a Concelebrant Must Recite And More on the Rite of Sprinkling
What a Deacon Can Do And More on Altar Cloths
What Should Be Prayed in the Liturgy of the Hours And More on the Washing of Hands Father Edward McNamara, LC
What to Use for Sprinkling Holy Water And More on Indulgences
When a Bishop Doesn't Concelebrate at a Mass And More on Buddhist Singing Bowls
When a Church Is Desacralized
When a Concelebrant Takes Photos During Mass And More on Eucharistic Adoration
When a Host Isn't Swallowed And More on Bishops' Blessings
When an Orthodox Joins the Catholic Church And More on Deacons
When Celebrating Mass Alone And More on a 1570 Bull
When Reading the Passion And More on Masses for Non-Catholic Officials
When Returning Hosts to the Tabernacle And More on the Passion Narrative
When the Faithful Take the Host Directly. And More on the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord
When the Holy See Is Vacant. And More on Marriage Vows
When the Liturgy of the Eucharist Is Fast And More on Photo-taking at Mass
When the Mass Officially Begins And More on Funerals
When the Priest Should Receive Communion And More on the Sanctus
When To Celebrate?/3: The Liturgical Year (CCC 1168-1173). Column on Liturgical Theology; Coordinator: Father Mauro Gagliardi By Juan José Silvestre
When to Extinguish the Easter Candle And More on Veneration of the Cross
When to Remove the Christmas Crib
When Words Over the Host Are Repeated And More on Litanies at Weddings
When Youngsters Request Confirmation And More on Starting Mass Without a Priest
Where Altar Crucifixes Should Face And More on the Easter Vigil
Where Is the Liturgy Celebrated? (CCC 1179-1186). Column on Liturgical Theology; Coordinator: Father Mauro Gagliardi
Where the Priest Should Begin Mass
Which English Translation to Use Abroad And More on Kneeling at Mass
Which Ordinary to Mention at Mass And More on Self-communion
Who Should Sing the Exsultet And More on Deviations in Holy Week
Why ‘Dewfall’ in Eucharistic Prayer II
Why Dates of Easter Differ And More on Ash Wednesday
Why Does Mass Last an Hour?
Why No "Amen" at End of the Our Father And More on the "Pray, Brethren ."
Why No Chicken on Days of Abstinence. And More on the Day Lent Starts
Why No Litanies at a Wedding And More on Masses for the Living and the Dead
Why No Renewal of Wedding Vows
Why Only One Chrism Mass. Commemorating Saints in Lent
Why Part of the Host Is Placed in the Chalice And More on Treatment of the Eucharist
Why So Many Rites in the Church
Why the Creed Doesn't Mention the Eucharist. And More on Mustum
Why the Liturgy? What Does 'Liturgy' Mean? Commentary on Nos. 1066-1070 of the Catechism By Juan José Silvestre
Why the Various Postures at Mass And More on Gregorian Masses
Widening of Plenary Indulgences
Withholding Communion at Mass And More on Confirmation
World Youth Day's Lasting Impact. Australian Study Reveals Positive Effects By Father John Flynn, LC