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  January 2021  
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Marriage and Family
GENERAL AUDIENCE: On Living and Being Together as a Family
Pope Francis: The Church is the Family of God’s Children
"Don't Play Politics With Marriage!" CEO of Christian Concern Defends Marriage By Ann Schneible
"Indissoluble Marriage Is Not A Threat to Human Freedom" Cardinal Kurt Koch Intervenes in the Debate in View of the Synod on the Family
"Marriage Is and Always Will Be the Union Between One Man and One Woman" Leader of Bishops Speaks of 'Perennial Institution' as Supreme Court Considers Redefinition
"The Church that Engages in Sociology" Reflection on Cardinal Kasper's Recent Speech on Marriage and the Family by Close Friend of Blessed John Paul II
'Children Open Our Eyes to the Horizon of Love'. Carl Anderson Addresses Congress on the Eucharist and the Family By Father James Mulford, LC
1,000 U.S. Rabbis Hail Pro-Family Events Send Message to Rome and Warsaw
1st Fruits of Family Meeting. Interview With Communication Secretary of Mexico's Bishops
1st National Family Ministry Meeting Held in Havana. Event Reflects on the Path of Hope for Cuba
2 Key Threats to the Family. According to Theologian Father Michael Hull
20 Years After Cairo Conference on Population and Development. Family Life and the Economy
2014 Synod on Family and Evangelization to Promote Episcopal Collegiality. Preparatory document presented at the Vatican
2nd March for Marriage to Be Held in Washington. Event Seen as Celebration, Public Witness of Unique Meaning of Marriage
A Bill That Will Profoundly Divide Canada. Brief by Cardinal Ouellet to Senate Committee
A Family Lesson From the Ratzingers. Micael Hesemann Speaks of Compiling Georg's Testimony in "My Brother, The Pope"
A Family Strengthens the Human Being. Brazilian Couple Participating in Synod Speaks on the Role of Movements in Married Life
A Marriage of Family and Education
A Million Expected for Family Meeting. International Encounter to Be Held in Mexico
A Pen for Life - Vote for ZENIT. Prize Recognizes Journalists Who Defend Life and the Family
A Reflection on Cardinal Kasper's Speech on the Family. Theology Professor Detects Problems with Cardinal's Comments on Divorce and Remarriage
A Second Chance for Marriage. Tips on How to Reduce Divorce By Father John Flynn, LC
A Window To the Mystery of God's Love. Iconographer Christina Munns Uses Artwork as an Instrument for the New Evangelization
A Winning Strategy to Restore Marriage. Organizer of March Speaks on Gaining Ground and Upholding Common Sense
Address on African Perspective of Family "A Matter of Considerable Importance and Urgency"
Aid Marriage by Heeding Nature, Says Pope. Calls for a Return to Creator's Design
Aiding the Family Serves Italy, Says Pope
Aiming to Bolster Ireland's Families. Interview With David Quinn of the Iona Institute
All Bishops Being Invited to Families Event
Alvaré: Family Is a School of Love. Says Respect for Life Begins at Home
ANALYSIS: Strong Families, Strong Society
Anderson's Address to Family Meeting "Solidarity Is Grounded in the Mystery of the Triune God"
Anderson: Solidarity Not Just Another Virtue. Says It's Fundamental Element of Family
ANGELUS ADDRESS: On the Joy of the Family
Anthem Ready for World Meeting of Families. Verses Are Tribute to Trinity, Family
Archbishop Addresses Marriage Amendment Aftermath. Promotes Reconciliation and Agreeable Disagreement
Archbishop Chaput's Remarks at Vatican Presentation of Family Meeting "The glory of men and women is their capacity to love as God loves. Life in a family is a summons to embody that love in everyday life"
Archbishop Chaput: World Meeting of Families Will Be Time of Joy and Grace. Archbishop of Philadelphia Gives Details of Plans for 2015 Meeting
Archbishop Cordileone Leads March for Marriage "Does society need an institution that unites children to the mothers and fathers who bring them into the world, or doesnt it?"
Archbishop Cordileone's Homily at West Coast Walk for Life "Marriage is primarily about the children, not the adults, such that you cannot be consistently pro-life without being pro-marriage: the two go together. That's the big picture"
Archbishop Faults Scotland's Same-Sex 'Marriage' Move. Says Trend Would Allow Defining Marriage However Anyone Wants
Archbishop Kurtz's Intervention at Family Synod "Just as the local church invests years of effort into future priestsâ?? education and preparation for ministry, so, too, must we offer intentional and ongoing formation so that the family can truly live its
Archbishop Longley: 'Support of Traditional Marriage Cannot Be Overlooked'. Head of Birmingham Archdiocese Calls On Government to Listen to "the Voices of Ordinary People" By Peter Jennings
Archbishop Naumann on Benedict XVI and the Family Interview With Kansas City Prelate
Archbishop Nichols on the Role of Family in the Formation of Children. London Prelate Discusses Conference on Catechesis Under Way in Rome By Ann Schneible
Archbishop of Singapore: Family Must Be Central to Overcome Secularization. Archbishop William Goh Also Advocates Strengthening the Clergy, Forming the Laity
Archbishop Paglia's U.N. Address on International Day of Families "The crisis that the family is going through now could also be an opportunity for growth. It all depends on us, and we should be decidedly more attentive to the deepest desires of todays me
Archbishop Paglia: Family More Present Than Ever in Heart of the Church. President of Pontifical Council for the Family Presents Pope's Letter to Families
Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone's Letter on State Marriage Defense Act
Archbishop Says Americans Ready to Defend Marriage Despite Laws. 3 States in Just Over a Week Redefine Marriage
Archbishop Vicenzo Paglia: Family is the 'Fundamental Resource of Our Society. President of Pontifical Council for the Family Presents Details on Upcoming Events Leading to Next World Meeting of Families
Archbishop: Marriage Needs Public Support Couple Shares Key to 60 Years: Just Keep Going
Argentina Wants Mommies, Daddies for Children National March Against Same-Sex "Marriage" Set for Tuesday
Arousal During NFP's Times of Abstinence. Expressions of Affection Within Marriage
Australian Bishops Tackle Divorce Questions. New Booklet to Provide Pastoral Support for Broken Marriages
Authors of Via Crucis Meditations Affirm Church's Love for Family. Married Couple Tells of Surprise, Fear at Being Chosen by the Pope to Write Good Friday Reflections By Salvatore Cernuzio
‘Cases Are Not Mathematical,’ Pope Tells Course Organized by Roman Rota on Protection of Marriage & Pastoral Care for Suffering Couples
Balancing Family Life and Work
Beautiful Families Needed, Says Cardinal. Urges Them to Be Testimony of True Christian Life By Roberta Sciamplicotti
Benedict XVI Calls Families to Unite. Says They Must Mobilize to Influence Culture By Karna Swanson
Benedict XVI Meets Pilgrims From Verona. Pope Urges Christian Families to Give Greater Witness
Benedict XVI on Anthropological Foundation of the Family (Part 1). Addresses Congress of the Diocese of Rome
Benedict XVI on Anthropological Foundation of the Family (Part 2)
Benedict XVI on Role of Grandparents. Be "a Living Presence in the Family, in the Church and in Society"
Benedict XVI Praying for the Family in January. VI World Meeting of Families to Be Held in Mexico
Benedict XVI Promotes Family Meeting
Benedict XVI Wishes Chief Rabbi a Happy New Year
Benedict XVI's Address to John Paul II Institute "Authentic Love Is Transformed Into a Light"
Benedict XVI's Homily at Closing Mass. "Parents Are Called to Witness to Their Faith and Hope"
Benedict XVI: Families, You Are Not Alone! Offers Profile of Child Formed in the Faith: Mature, Coherent, Joyful
Benedict XVI: Love and Desire Life And Defend, Protect and Value the Family
Big Families Are Sign of Optimism, Says Pontiff. Calls for Legislation to Safeguard and Support Them
Bishop Blasts Misuse of Pope's Words in Redefinition of Marriage. Illinois Governor Signs Law Making State 16th to Recognize Same-Sex 'Marriage'
Bishop Says Marriage Ruling Presents 'Obvious Questions Raised by Logical Consequences' Federal Court Decision Notes Children's Link to Biological Parents Is State Interest
Bishop Sgreccia Assails de Facto Unions. Links Strong Families to Healthy Economies
Bishops Approve Letter in Defense of Marriage. Say Politics Can't Change Its Definition
Bishops Back Senate Bill on Defense of Marriage 'Every just effort to stand for the unique meaning of marriage is worthy of support'
Bishops Call Family a Vocational Vineyard
Bishops Lament Court Overturn of California Vote on Marriage. Cardinal-designate Dolan Calls Ruling a Grave Injustice
Bishops Outside Spain Assail New Law. Same-Sex Marriage Statute Prompts Warnings
Bishops Promoting Marriage Amendment
Bishops Take US Marriage Debate to YouTube. Says Traditional Definition Benefits All
Book Review: Big-Hearted Families "A recipe for happiness and love for families of any size"
Breaking the Bonds of Biological Parenthood. Defense of Marriage Must Be Merged With Defense of Parenthood
British Parishes Urged to Support Family Life More
Broken Marriages. Study Details High Economic Costs of Divorce By Father John Flynn
California Court Upholds Ban Protecting Marriage. Decision Seen as Respect for Voter Rights
Canada a Step Closer to Same-Sex Marriage. Archbishop Sounds Warning in Wake of Commons Vote
Canada Bishops Note Status on Preparation for Family Synod. Vatican's Request for Consultation Already With Bishops
Canada's Bishops Not Budging on Marriage
Canadian Lawmakers Are Urged: Don't Rush
Cardinal Antonelli: Families Themselves Must Defend Their Rights. Urges Family Associations to Confront Culture, Politics By H. Sergio Mora
Cardinal Baldisseri: Young People Must Be Told About Beauty of Marriage. Synod Secretary General Explains Challenges of Upcoming Extraordinary Synod
Cardinal Bertone's Address to Mexican Bishops "Time Is Ripe for the Laity to Fully Assume Its Proper Vocation"
Cardinal Bertone's Homily at Close of Family Meeting. "Love Your Children and Make Them Feel That They Are Loved"
Cardinal Burke: Cardinal Kasper's Talk on Marriage Met With Disagreement. Warns of Potential Disillusionment Since Indissolubility of Marriage Is Gospel Teaching
Cardinal Caffarra Expresses Serious Concerns About Family Synod Debates. Astonished that John Paul II's Extensive Catecheses on Marriage and Family Are Being Ignored
Cardinal Caffarra on the Value of Marriage (Part 2). "the witnesses to the truth of marriage will have a hard life, as is not unusual for witnesses to truth"
Cardinal Caffarra on What Is Marriage (Part 1) "The question is the following: Is marriage a reality that is totally determined by man or does it have a 'hard core' that cannot be touched?"
Cardinal Caffarra Opens Family Congress. Preciousness of Marriage Being Obscured, He Says
Cardinal Cañizares on What the Family Faces. Interview With Primate of Spain
Cardinal Cipriani on the Policies Against Life and the Family Interview With Primate of Peru
Cardinal Dolan Praises Knights' Marriages. Calls Them to Continue to Be 'Metaphors of God's Love'
Cardinal Dolan: Planned Parenthood Can for Once Be Taken at Its Word. Blog Post Notes, ‘Another Boy, Another Question’
Cardinal Exhorts Legislators to Protect Marriage
Cardinal Gerhard Muller Reflects on the Synod on the Family. Participates in Round Table Discussion on Two Week Meeting at Regina Apostolorum
Cardinal John Tong: 'Formation of Youth Plays Important Role in Christian Married Life'. Archbishop of Hong Kong Addresses Members of Catholic Marriage Advisory Council
Cardinal Martino Tranquil About Synod on the Family. Says Church Can Do None Other Than Reaffirm What She Has Always Taught About Marriage and the Family
Cardinal Nichols Outlines Priorities for Upcoming Synod on the Family. Reconciliation and Forgiveness to Be "Important and Recurring Theme"
Cardinal Pell Invites Jews and Muslims to Team Up
Cardinal Pell: Secularization Presents Challenges to Church's Teachings on Marriage. Australian Prelate Says Catholic Tradition Will Not Join Adaptation to Society
Cardinal Ratzinger on the Banishment of God From Public Life Receives St. Benedict Award for Promotion of Life and Family
Cardinal Sarah: Crisis of Today's Families Is How Concepts of Marriage, Family Have Changed. Says Debate on Eucharist for Divorced, Remarried Has Taken Focus Away From the Challenges Facing Families
Cardinal Versaldi: 'It is Necessary to Defend the Full Meaning of Marriage'. Judge for Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura Speaks on the Defense of the Natural Family Giovanni Tridente
Cardinal: Church Does Not Reject the Divorced. Milan's Archbishop Addresses Letter to Couples
Cardinal: Families Bring Christ Where Others Can. Says Church Needs Them to Evangelize By Carmen Elena Villa
Cardinal: Family Pillar of Mexican Society. Presents VI World Meeting of Families
Cardinal: Laws Reflect Confusion About Man, Woman. Canadian Prelate Addresses Family Conference
Caritas President on the Role of Family. Interview With Cardinal Rodríguez Maradiaga By Gilberto Hernández García
Catecheses Readied for World Meeting of Families
Catholic Bishops Urge British Parliament to Oppose Same-Sex "Marriage" Bill. Hierarchy Warns of Wider Consequences if Bill is Passed Ann Schneible
Catholic Organization for Life and Family Revamps Site. Web Resources Available on Euthanasia, Other Life Issues
Celebrating Families, Youth in Dublin. Bishop Testifies to the Vitality of Young Participants of Congress By Ann Schneible
Cenus Shows Irish Families in Trouble
Changing Face of Motherhood: Who's Giving Birth? Children Pay Consequences for Decline in Marriage By Father John Flynn
Children Find Identity Through Parents, Says Pope Stresses Importance of Family Relationships
Children in Crisis. The Fruits of Weaker Marriages and Families By Father John Flynn
Christ's Gospel Must Proclaim Hope to Families. Cardinal Vingt-Trois Discusses the Upcoming Synod on the Family
Christians Pay Consequences for Opposing Same-Sex 'Marriage'. Equality Laws Being Used to Discriminate in Various Countries By Father John Flynn, LC
Christine Vollmer on Building a Family Culture. Interview With a Leading Activist
Church in Australia Takes to Marketing. Bishops Buy Ads Inviting Catholics to Reconnect
Church Planning a Family Party, Says Official. Invites People to Mexico for World Meeting
Church Voices Concern Over Fate of the Family. Pope and Prelates Warn of Threats to Foundation of Society
Church's Vision Can Sustain Spouses, Say US Bishops. Prelates to Vote on Pastoral Letter on Marriage
Civil Marriage Ceremonies
Civil, Religious Leaders Unite for Inauguration. Mexican President Helps Get Family Meeting Underway
Civilly Married Couples And More on the Use of Hands at Elevation of Host
Cohabitation and Marriage: Not Equal Alternatives. Studies Continue Confirming the Need to Strengthen Families By Father John Flynn, LC
Cologne Establishes Family Fund
Commentary on Annulment Process Is Due Out. English-Language Work to Be Published in October
Commitment Isn't a Step Back, Sociologist Says. Insists Traditional Family Is More Than a Paradigm
Communion, Family Explored During International Congress. Retired Archbishop of Perth, Australia, on the Good News About Marriage By Ann Schneible
Concept of Marriage Is Eroding, Warns Pope. Cautions Against "Pastoral Good" Which Negates Truth
Conference Participants Consider Eucharist-Marriage Link. IEC Official Draws Parallel in Gift of Self in Both Sacraments By Ann Schneible
Couple Proclaimed Gospel in Marriage, Says Pope. St. Thérèse's Parents Beatified on World Mission Sunday
Couples With Broken Marriages Find Support. Kairos Retreat Offers Prayer and Dialogue By Antonio GaspariROME
Court Rules Legislature Can Put Marriage on Ballot
Croatia Prepares for Referendum Vote on Traditional Marriage. Pro-Family Group Met with Aggression by Same-Sex "Marriage" Supporters
Croatians Ban Same-Sex 'Marriage' in Referendum. Two-Thirds of Voters Say They Want Marriage Defined as Union Between Man and a Woman
Dads: Who Will Lead Your Family? 'Courageous' DVD Promotes Godly Fatherhood By Genevieve Pollock
Dark Data on Marriage
Dates Set for 2015 World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia. Archbishop Chaput: Event Can Transform Whole Community
Day of Prayer Announced for Synod on the Family. The Faithful, Especially Families, Are Encouraged to Pray the Rosary for the Work of the Synod
Day of Study Looks at the Divorced-and-Remarried. Professor Cautions About Misperception of Marriage Tribunals
Debate Continues Over Same-Sex 'Marriage' The Future of the Family at Stake By Father John Flynn, LC
Debating Marriage: 10 Principles. Scholar Says the Real Arguments Are Just Beginning
Decline of Mom-and-Pop Families
Defending Marriage in an Age of Unreason. Theology Professor Gives Natural Law Argument Against Homosexual 'Marriage'
Defining Marriage Down. Same-Sex Marriage Pressures and Dangers By Father John Flynn
Defining Marriage: How to Communicate Effectively Debate Is Not About Homosexuality
Delaying Marriage. Report on Family and Social Consequences
Denver Archbishop Writes Pastoral Letter on the Family. Encourages Couples to Live Gospel in 'Broken, Skeptical and Hostile Culture'
Divorce and Children: New Study Confirms Irreparable Harm. Splitting Up Seen to Weaken All of the 5 Major Institutions of Society By Father John Flynn, LC
Divorce and Remarriage in the Early Church? Understanding Canon 8 of the Council of Nicea
Divorce, Single Parenting and Kids' Well-being
Document on Marriage and Natural Law in the Works
Dominican Republic Rejects Changes to Marriage Law. Affirms Statement Against Same-Sex Unions
Dublin 2018: Pope Grants Plenary Indulgence to Families
Dublin Archbishop Recalls Synod, Reflects on Ireland's Debate on Marriage. Says the Nation, Like the Synod Fathers, Should Be Open to Rational, Honest Debate
Dublin World Meeting of Families Scheduled for Aug. 22-26, 2018
Economics, Reproductive Health and the Integrity of the Family. Headed the Way of Greece By Arland Nichols and Donald DeMarco
El Salvador Readies to Protect Marriage
England, the Pope, and Marriage. Interview With Westminster Diocese Pastoral Affairs Director By Genevieve Pollock
English and Welsh Bishops Make 3-Year Family Plan. Say Parishes Have Key Role in Changing Trends
Enthusiasm and Numbers Grow for Family Meeting. International Congress Prepares to Open
Ethics Strengthens Love, Pontiff Explains
Europe's Endangered Families
European Bishops Gather in Rome to Discuss Marriage and the Family. Cardinal Erdo Opens Meeting By Observing Europeans' Parodoxical Approach to Relationships
European Court Allows Pro-Life Lawyers to Defend Italy's Marriage Laws. Alliance Defending Freedom Files Brief with EU Human Rights Court to Uphold True Marriage
European Court Rules in Favor of Family. European Centre for Law and Justice Director Responds to IVF Decision By Grégor Puppinck
European, African Bishops to Join in Studying Family. Seminar Will Consider the Family Both as Protagonist of Evangelization and in Need of Being Evangelized
Evangelization Aims Teaching to Love, Says Pope
Evidence Mounts on Family Advantages. Government Discrimination Against Marriage
Expert: African Culture Backs Family Educative Role. Urges Participation of Catholics in Shaping Cultural Framework
Experts Emphasize Family's Role in Europe. Call for Putting the Person at Center Stage
Faithful Families Help Vocations, Pope Says
Families and the Economic Crisis. Report Reveals State of Marriage in America By Father John Flynn, LC
Families Are an Answer to Crisis, Says Papal Legate. Pope's Secretary of State Previews Mexico Trip
Families Celebrate Their Day With Pope Francis. Testimonies in St. Peter's Reflect Wide Range of Familial Experiences
Families Encouraged to Pray Rosary
Families Feuds, Continued. No End in Sight for Church-State Debates By Father John Flynn, LC
Families Have Role in Pastoral Ministry, Says Pope. Addresses Priests, Parents on Common Root and Mission of Vocations
Families in Trial Are Not Alone, Says Pope. Concludes Way of the Cross in the Colosseum
Families Join Together in Helping Earthquake Victims. Collection Taken at the VII World Meeting of Families
Families Key in "Edu-Communication" Archbishop Celli Says It's Responsibility of Parents By Jesús Colina
Families Need to Teach Self-Gift, Says Pope. Notes That Home Is the First Place to Experience Gratuitous Love
Families Praying for Families. International Event Offers Time for Sacraments By Karna Swanson
Families Proclaim the Gospel, Says Pope. Praises Christians Nourished by Their Faith
Families Teach Meaning of Life, Says Pontiff. Stresses Divine Love Transmitted Through Marriage
Families That Eat Together, Stay Together. Economist Points to Families as an Answer to Recession
Families Under Pressure. Disturbing Trends in Latest Statistics By Father John Flynn, L.C.
Families Under Pressure. Marriage, Funding and Faith Intertwine By Father John Flynn
Families Unite in Movements
Families Urged to Follow Mary's Example
Families With Greatest Challenges: Immigrants. Pontifical Council Secretary Addresses World Meeting
Families Without Children
Families' Fair Opens in Valencia
Families, the Crisis and the Church in America. Interview With Canada's Cardinal Ouellet By Gilberto Hernández García
Family a Common Ground for Christians, Muslims. Pontifical Council Urges Collaboration of Both Religions
Family and Marriage in America. Author Sees Notable Differences From Other Countries By Father John Flynn, LC
Family Associations Presidents Denounces Cannes Film Festival Selections. Francesco Belletti Says Ignoring Pro-Marriage Marches a Transgression
Family Congress Conclusion: Unprecedented Crisis. But 5th World Meeting Manifests "Richness, Spirituality, Life"
Family Council Official Greets French Protesting Same-Sex 'Marriage'. Bishop Laffitte Emphasizes Child's Need for Love of Mother and Father
Family Council to Work With Dioceses. Laments Weak Families With Weaker Values
Family Is Life, Says Polish Deputy Prime Minister. 4th World Congress of Families Concludes
Family Is the Most Beautiful Thing God Made, Says Pope Francis. While There Is Always the Cross in a Family, There Is Also the Resurrection
Family Is Theme for World Peace Day
Family Lexicon Published in Russian. Dictionary Targets Confusion on Life, Marriage Terms
Family Life in Flux. Reports Detail Changes in Recent Years By Father John Flynn, LC
Family Life: A Message of Joy and Hope. Need for Disciples Within the Family More Important Than Ever, Says Canadian Pro-Life Organisation
Family Meeting Begins in Valencia
Family Meeting Catechesis Available Today "Love Is Our Mission" Centers Around 10 Themes of Philadelphia 2015 Event
Family Meeting on the Air
Family Meeting to Highlight Individuality, Relationships. Cardinals Present 7th World Meeting
Family Movement to Get Vatican Approval. Founded in Argentina in 1982
Family Research Council Fellow Awarded Pope Pius XI Award. Scholar Receives Recognition for "Building up of a True Catholic Social Science"
Family Seen as Scapegoat for All Evils. Theologian Says Marriage Isn't Attracting Youth
Family Trends Pressures on Married Life Continue to Grow By Father John Flynn
Family Worth Defending, Says Symposium
Family-Meeting Organizers Hoping for Papal Participation. Plans Under Way for Mexico City '09 Event
Family: a Winning Education in an Anti-religious Environment. Baroness Michaela von Heereman on Transmitting the Faith By Jan Bentz
Family: Pope Invites Engaged Couples to a Conscious Choice of Marriage
Father Cantalamessa on Marriage. "Rediscover the Art of Repairing!" Says Pontifical Household Preacher
Father Cantalamessa on the Family. When "We Are Not Pursuing the Child's Good ."
Father Cantalamessa on What Marriage Needs. More Than a Defense, Sacrament Must Be Rediscovered
Fatherless Families Growing in Number in Britain. Report Accuses Government of Neglect
Fatherless Families. Spread of IVF Leaves Children in the Dark By Father John Flynn
Fathers and Families. Their Impact on a Childs Development
Fidelity, in Business and Marriage, Leads to Success. A Catholic Entrepreneur Reflects on Both By Thacio Siqueira
Filipino Families Struggling This Christmas. Missionary Calls Attention to Challenges in Aftermath of Typhoon
Filipino Prelates Say They're Not Surprised by 'Anti-Family, Anti-Life Measures' Bishops' Conference Says Current Administration Is on Warpath Against Traditional Values, Families
Final 2014 General Audience Address: On Jesus' Choice to Be Part of a Family "As Mary and Joseph did, every Christian family can first of all receive Jesus, listen to him, talk with him, guard and protect him, grow with him, and thus improve the world"
FORUM: The Marriage Tribunal – An Apostolate of Mercy
FORUM: The Opening of the Synod. Archbishop Charles J. Chaput Reflects on the Start of the Synod of Bishops on the Family
Fr. Rosica: Synod on Family Will Be Unique, Not Revolutionary. Vatican English-Language Spokesman on Novelties of Upcoming Meeting
Francis Convenes Extraordinary Synod of Bishops For October 2014. Synod Will Focus on Pastoral Challenges of the Family
Francis Defends Rights of Family. Says 'Good News' of Family Is Key to Evangelization
Francis' Address to Czech Bishops "A synergy is necessary between the clergy, the religious, and the lay faithful"
Francis' Dialogue With Engaged Couples "marriage is a celebration a Christian celebration, not a worldly celebration"
Francis' Message on Church's Concept of Family "The future of society, and concretely of Italian society, is rooted in the elderly and in young people"
French Proposal for Same-Sex 'Marriage' Brings Global Protest.Citizens' Organizations Warn Against Attack on Fundamental Cell of Society Nieves San Martin
FULL TEXT: On Giving and Receiving Forgiveness in the Family
Gaudium et Spes at 40. Mulling Over Islam. At Conference, Families Are at the Fore By Catherine Smibert
General Audience: On Christian Marriage "The Sacrament of Marriage is a Great Act of Faith and Love"
General Audience: On Family Life "The more intimate and profound love is, the more it calls for respect of the freedom of the other and the capacity to wait for him to open the door of his heart."
GENERAL AUDIENCE: On Family Life â??The family is endowed with an extraordinary capacity to understand, direct and sustain the genuine value of the time of celebration.â??
General Audience: On Family Wounds “Everything is connected together in the family: when its spirit is wounded in some point, the infection contaminates everyone."
General Audience: On Marriage "Today it does not seem easy to speak of marriage as a celebration that is renewed in time, in the different stages of the whole life of the spouses."
General Audience: On Praying for the Synod on the Family "All the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, priests, men and women religious, lay faithful we are all called to pray for the Synod. There is need of this, not of gossip!"
GENERAL AUDIENCE: On the Family and the Christian Community “A Church that is truly according to the Gospel cannot but have the form of a welcoming home, with the doors always open.
General Audience: On the Positive Role of Fathers "Fathers should be patient, many times there is nothing else that can be done other than to wait. Pray and wait with patience, gentleness, magnanimity and mercy."
GENERAL AUDIENCE: On the Relationship Between the Church and the Family “May the enthusiasm of the Synod Fathers, animated by the Holy Spirit, foster the impetus of a Church that abandons the old nets and returns to fish trusting in the word of her Lord.”
GENERAL AUDIENCE: On the Universal Importance of the Family â??The promise that God makes to man and woman, at the beginning of history, includes all human beings until the end of history.â??
GENERAL AUDIENCE: On Wounded Families “Christian families can collaborate with Him by taking care of wounded families, supporting them in the community’s life of faith.”
Generation Gap Is Not Inevitable. Parents Urged to Take Charge of Educating Children
Getting Married in Italy; a Referendum Fizzles. Where There's a Will There's a Way. By Catherine Smibert
God Is Governing Church Even in Stormy Seas, Assures Pope. Says Milan Meeting Was Experience of Living Church
Group Helps Separated Catholics Remain Faithful to Marriage
Group Opposes Redefining "Marriage"
Having Kids Sends a Message, Says Pope
Head of US Bishops Hopes Synod Will Help Restore Confidence in Marriage. Archbishop Kurtz Tells ZENIT Family Is in Crisis, Urges Faithful Not to Panic But Rediscover the Good
Healing Marriages of Control and Trust Issues Interview With Catholic Psychiatrist Richard Fitzgibbons By Genevieve Pollock
High Percentage of Responses to Questionnaire on Family. Results Will be Used to Draft Working Document on Upcoming Synods
Hints for Happy Marriages
Holy Father Honors Grandparents' Role
Holy Father’s Address to World Meeting of Families
Holy See Discusses "Family Problems" at UN. Looks at Main Challenges Facing the Globe
Holy See Refutes News Reports on Communion for 'Remarried-Divorced'. Pontifical Council for the Family Denies Preparing Document
Holy See Reminds UN of Parents' Right to Teach Sexuality. Says Families Cannot Shirk Responsibilities
Holy See Reminds UN That Family Is Good for Individuals. The family "continually exhibits a vigour much greater than that of the many forces that have tried to eliminate it as a relic of the past, or an obstacle to the emancipation of the individual, or t
Holy See Upholds Parental Role in Sex Education. Expresses Concern Over Defective Creation of UN Document
Holy See: Promoting Family Can Build Economy. Points Out That Children Learn Work Ethic at Home
Honolulu Bishop's Letter on Church's Understanding of Marriage. "We must therefore be discriminating about the very language of discrimination"
How Dads Can Help Raise Strong Daughters Interview With Meg Meeker By Carrie Gress
Humanity's Future Hinges on the Family, Says Pope. Voices Concern to New Ambassadors
Hundreds of Thousands March in Defense of Marriage and the Traditional Family 'La Manif Pour Tous' Movement Spreading Quickly Across Europe
In Defense of Marriage. Bishop Tartaglia's Homily at Red Mass
In Spain, Mom and Dad Are "Progenitor A and B"
In the Wake of the World Family Meeting. Interview With Superior-General of Regnum Christi
Indigenous Peoples Bracing for Recession Effects. 5th National Assembly Parallels Family Meeting By Sergio Estrada
Indulgences Offered for 7th World Meeting of Families. Faithful Everywhere Can Receive Grace by Joining Spiritually in Milan Event
Interreligious Korean Group to Promote Life and Family
Invite From Mexico: Believe in Love. Vatican Spokesman Reflects on Family Meeting
Irish Bishops Write Legislators on 'Marriage Equality' "We ask you not to undermine the principle of equality by applying it inappropriately to two fundamentally different types of relationship"
Irish Prelate and Head of Children and Youth Affairs Meet in Dublin. Both Parties Agree on Priority Support for Parenting and Families
Irish Prelate: Changing Nature of Marriage Undermines Building Block of Society. Cabinet announces same-sex "marriage" referendum for 2015
Italian Catholics to Focus on Life, Family and Dialogue. Conclusions of 4th National Church Congress
Italy's Family Day Gathers 1.5 Million. Attendance Surpasses Expectations
Jesus' Words on Marriage. Christian Spouses, "Missionaries of Love and Life"
Justice and Mercy in Church Marriage Law. Experts Discuss Correct Pastoral Approach Ahead of Synod
Kids: Healthier, Wealthier, and Yet Worse Off. Report Highlights Increased Dangers Facing Children By Father John Flynn, LC
Kiev Poised for a Family Congress
L.A. Bishops on Same-Sex Marriage "Church Cannot Approve of Redefining Marriage"
Leader of Madagascar's Bishops: 'We Must Encourage, Pray for Families in Difficulty Because They Are Also Loved by God' Archbishop Desire Tsarahazana Tells ZENIT How Pope Is Listening to All, Including the Poorest Nations' Issues
Life and Family No Longer Silenced at the Organization of American States. Pro-Life Message Given a Voice at Annual Meeting Held This Year in Paraguay
Life, Marriage and Family Must Be Affirmed at UN General Assembly Session. Abortion and Homosexuality Often Promoted Once World Leaders Leave, Warns Elyssa Koren
Lithuanian Bishops To Focus on Family. Interview with Cardinal Audrys Juozas Backis
Living Faith at Work, and Finding Time for Family. Author Sheds Light on Theme of Milan's World Meeting of Families By Kathleen Naab
Love, Marriage and Happy Kids.Reports Show that Family Life Is Highly Beneficial By Father John Flynn, LC
Love, Where Will You Take Me for St. Valentine's? To Pope Francis. 4 Couples Talk About Their Experience of Christian Engagement, the Desire to Marry and the Choice to Live in Chastity Before Marriage
Majority Supports Traditional Marriage in England. Coalition for Marriage Spokesman Discusses Potential Ramifications of Legislation By Ann Schneible
Making Families Too Pricey. Discriminatory Government Policies Under Fire By Father John Flynn
Making Marriage Fireproof. Interview With Director Alex Kendrick By Teresa Tomeo
Man and Woman are created to be like eagles, not hens
Man Needs God to Become a Family, Says Cardinal. Justice and Peace Council Begins Plenary Assembly
Many Races, One Family. Interview With Spokesman of Family Meeting By Karna Swanson
Marginalizing Marriage. Why This Trend Threatens Society By Father John Flynn, LC
Marital Meekness and Aircraft Carrier Shopping
Marital Therapy From a Catholic Perspective. Interview With Family Psychologist William Nordling
Marriage and 'Gender Identity' Before European Rights Court. An Illustration of Difficulties Arising From Double Definition of Sex
Marriage and Celibacy: Love's Link Interview With Author Father José Manglano By Miriam Díez i Bosch
Marriage and Child Poverty. Collapse of Cultural Norms Regarding Marriage, Childbirth 'Has Been a Disaster' By Father John Flynn, LC
Marriage and Commitment: The Ring Makes a Difference. More Proof That Cohabiting Isn't Good for Society
Marriage and Family. New Evidence Supports Family Role
Marriage and Middle America. Rescuing the Forgotten By Father John Flynn, LC
Marriage and Religion: a Package Deal. New Studies Reveal Close Relationship By Father John Flynn, L.C.
Marriage and Religious Liberty Said to Stand or Fall Together. US Bishops Hear Updates on Initiatives to Promote Marriage
Marriage and the Family: Humanity's Future. Biblical Reflection for 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time B By Father Thomas Rosica, CSB
Marriage and the Family: Pope Renews the John Paul II Institute
Marriage as a Public Good
Marriage as the Cause of Civilization. Why Monogamy is Important
Marriage Breakdown: Expensive and Divisive. Report Shows Big Downside to Family Disintegration By Father John Flynn, L.C.
Marriage Debate Set to Continue. Illinois Bishops Publish Resources By Father John Flynn, LC
Marriage Experts Send Open Letter to Pope, Synod Members. Underline Challenges Facing Family, Timeless Truths About Marriage
Marriage Goes on Trial in Holy Week. US Supreme Court Prepares to Take Up Issue of Same-Sex Unions
Marriage in Decline. Canadian Census Reveals New Trends By Father John Flynn, LC
Marriage Is Foundational and "Irreplaceable," Says Pope
Marriage Leads to Heaven. Interview on the Beatification of Thérèse By Miriam Díez i Bosch
Marriage Pastoral: Pope Asks Priests to Be â??Ministers of Peace and Consolationâ??
Marriage Preparation Programs Find Renewal. Ministers Engage in New Evangelization By Genevieve Pollock
Marriage Preparation Project Presented to Pope. Pontiff Affirms Importance of Task
Marriage Programs Aim to Answer Pope. "3 to Get and Stay Married" Helping Couples By Kathleen Naab
Marriage Resolution Seen as Threat to Religious Freedom
Marriage Supporters Consider Next Step After Court Rulings. Note Judges Did Not Create 'Constitutional Right to Same-Sex Marriage'
Marriage Supporters Rally in New York. Bishops Call for Catholics to Stand Against Same-Sex Union Bill
Marriage Tribulations. New Report Finds Worrying Trends By Father John Flynn, L.C.
Marriage's Meaning "Given, Not Constructed" L.A. Prelates Clarify That Redefinition Isn't Possible
Marriage, Family and Some Help For Pope Francis
Marriage: A Unique Relationship. Statement by Irish Bishops
Marriages Should Be Assumed Valid, Says Pope Nullity Must Be Proven, He Tells Roman Rota
Married Couple Named to Family Council
Married Couple Prepares Pope's Good Friday Via Crucis. Traditional Colosseum Prayer Service to Focus on Family
Married Couples Say Movements Aid Their Vocation. Vatican Conference Stresses Family Evangelization By Carmen Elena Villa
Massachusetts Bishops Appeal for Marriage Amendment
Media Management to Protect Your Family. Interview With Talk Show Host Teresa Tomeo By Carrie Gress
Media Project Hosting Video Contest on Natural Family Planning. Effort Seeks to Increase Awareness of NFP Lifestyle and Its Benefits for Couples, Society
Mercy and the Theology of Cardinal Kasper. Pro-Family Coalition Says the Cardinal's Proposal for Divorced and Civilly Remarried Catholics Has Parallels With Lutheranism
Mexico City to Host '09 World Family Meeting
Michigan Bishops Respond to Court's Overturn of Voters' Marriage Amendment. "Nature itself, not society, religion or government, created marriage"
Milan Ready to Welcome Pope at World Meeting of Families. Concert in La Scala Is Dedicated to the Victims of the Earthquake
Mixed Marriages Common in Hong Kong
Mixed Marriages, and Concerns, on the Rise. European Bishops Discuss the Future of the Family
Naming of Cardinal Bertone as Papal Legate "They Are Educators Because They Are Parents"
National Marriage Week Starts in US. Bishops Offer Resources for Promoting Gift of Matrimony
Natural Family Planning
Neocatechumenal Families: the New Missionaries. Parents With Children Head to Pagan Territory
New Marriage Preparation Guide Coming Soon. Cardinal Speaks About Family Life and Work
New Pope's Stance on Marriage Seen as Relevant in Britain. Archbishop Nichols Speaks on Recent Election of Pope Francis (Part II)
Next World Meeting of Families To Be Held in Philadelphia. Archbishop Chaput Expresses Anticipation in Hosting 2015 Event By Junno Arocho
Nigel Baker: "The Family is at the Heart of Our Social and Moral Structure". UK Ambassador to the Holy See Addresses Pontifical Council of the Family
Nigerian Bishops: "Family Threatened by Materialism, Selfishness" Also Condemn Using Children for Suicide Bombings
No Anathemas for the Media. But Discernment Is Crucial, Says Communicator
No Family Can Allow Hatred to Take Root. Cardinal Pell's Address to Interreligious Panel
No Future for Humanity Without Family, Says Pope. Reiterates Call Made in Milan for Protection of Sunday as Day of Rest
Official Prayer, Icon Unveiled for World Meeting of Families. Painting Includes Holy Family With Grandparents Anna and Joachim
On Challenges and Hopes for the Family. Interview With Author Rodrigo Guerra López
On Marriage and Virginity "Intimately Connected and Mutually Illuminate Each Other"
On Migrant Families "Weakened and at Times Disfigured by Life's Trials"
On Promises Made Between Husband and Wife â??No other school can teach the truth of love if the family does not do itâ??
On the Family
On the Feast of the Holy Family "Family of Nazareth, Expert in Suffering, Give Peace to the World"
On the Holy Family
On the Holy Family "Living Image of the Love of God"
On the Sacrament of Marriage "Married life is a most beautiful thing and we must guard it always"
On World Meeting of Families. "Family, Live and Transmit the Faith!"
Only You Can Stop Childhood Mental Obesity. Just Reading Isn't Good Enough
Opus Dei Prelate Meets With Several Hundred Families in Rome. Has Questions-and-Answers in the Framework of the World Day of Families
Oregon Catholic Conference Responds to Judge's Overturn of Same-Sex 'Marriage' Ban. "An act deliberately ensuring that more children will grow up motherless or fatherless is not an act of love"
Organizers Hope Madrid Demonstration Is Just the Start. 1.5 Million Take Part in Pro-family Event
Palestinian Families Lunch With Pope. Parents, Children and Youth Who Have Experienced Hardships Dine at the Papal Table
Papal Address at Welcoming Ceremony. "Family Is Unique Institution in God's Plan"
Papal Address to Family Meeting "It Is in the Home Where One Learns to Truly Live"
Papal Address to Latin American Bishops' Meeting. Marriage: "Patrimony of Humanity"
Papal Address to Roman Rota. Marriage: "A Bond Which Is Unique and Definitive"
Papal Plea to Political Leaders: Value the Family
Parents Are the Solution, Not the Problem. Father and Mother Really Do Know Best
Parents Beware. Studies Show Negative Impact of Media By Teresa Tomeo
Patriarch Kirill: Violation of God's Laws is Destroying Human Civilization. Head of Russian Orthodox Church Warns Against Legislating in Favor of Same-Sex 'Marriage'
Patriarch Younan: 'Middle East Families Are Facing a Great Challenge'. Syriac Catholic Patriarch of Antioch Says His People Are 'Split' and 'Divided'
Peace Day to Focus on Family. Pope Chooses Theme Amid Present "Crisis"
Pennsylvania Catholic Conference Protests Judge's Overturn of Marriage Law "Yes, marriage is a personal relationship, but it is not merely a private affair between two people"
Polish Bishops: Defense of Marriage Isn't "Homophobia". Reject Europarliament Resolution
Polygamy and Religious Freedom. Marriage in Canada Up For Grabs By Father John Flynn, LC
Pontiff Asks Haiti for More Support of Families. Urges Getting to Roots of Poverty
Pontiff Notes Plans to Follow Family Meeting. Asks Prayers for International Encounter
Pontiff Speaks for Monogamous Marriage. Addresses Visiting Bishops From Ghana
Pontiff Suggests Best Gift Children Can Get. Notes Their Need to Be Loved by a Mom and Dad
Pontiff to Closely Follow Family Meeting
Pontiff to Engaged Couples: Don't Be Afraid of Marriage. Don't Give Up on "Lofty Ideal of Love," He Exhorts
Pontiff to Newlyweds: Live Marriage to the Full
Pontiff to Parents: Keep Striving to Be a Model for Your Children. Says Kids See Face of True Love in Constancy, Sense of Duty
Pontiff Urges Families to Trust God
Pontiff Urges Formation in Marriage Law
Pontiff Urges Grandparents to Return to the Family. Says Their Participation Can Help Crisis of Values By Mirko Testa
Pontiff: Families Must Form Consciences. Sets Goal for '09 World Meeting in Mexico
Pontiff: Family Reveals Nature of God. Says It Manifests Gratuitous Love
Pontifical Council for the Family Presents Upcoming Assembly. 150,000 Families Expected to Attend Year of Faith Event
Pontifical Council of the Family Official Considers Pope's Meeting With Engaged Couples. Father Ciucci on Marriage Preparation as a Time to Reach Out to Those Who Are Far From the Church
Pope Addresses European Episcopal Conferences on Theme of Family "We Are Called to Be an 'Outbound' Church"
Pope Affirms Family as Agent of Peace. Wishes All a Prosperous New Year
Pope Arrives in Milan for World Meeting of Families. Urges Faithful to Continue Being Witnesses of the Gospel By Junno Arocho
Pope at Angelus Tells Families To Keep God's Word in Their Hands, Not on a Shelf. Also Reminds Pastors They Are To Take Same Care With Families That God Takes With Us
Pope at Audience: Families Are Gyms Where One Trains How to Give, Forgive
Pope at Audience: For Strong Families, Put Away Cell Phone, Shut Off TV
Pope at Audience: Synod on the Family Was Not a Parliament. Noted Media at Times Depicted It Like Sports, Political Coverage
Pope at General Audience: Never Be Slaves to Work, Only Masters of It! Reminds Faithful That Family Celebrations Are an â??Invention of Godâ??
Pope Benedict XVI Answers Families Questions in Milan. Emphasizes the Importance of Family Unity at 'Feast of Testimonies' By Junno Arocho
Pope Bids Farewell to Spain. "You Have a Special Place in My Heart"
Pope Chairs Meetings in Preparation of Family Synod. Working document ready for final editing, translation
Pope Compares the Family to Holy Trinity. Describes Both as Communities of Love
Pope Extols Families That Go Against the Current. Angelus Address Focuses on Jesus' Teaching on Marriage
Pope Francis Establishes New Dicastery for Family. Replaces Laity Council, Joins With Academy for Life
Pope Francis Gives Three Ingredients for Family Living. During General Audience, Reminds Faithful That Even If Plates Are Flying, Don't Finish Day Without Making Peace
Pope Francis Meets with Over 10,000 Engaged Couples. Encourages Them to Not Be Overcome by Throwaway Culture
Pope Francis on Marriage: New Covenant Between Man and Woman Is Necessary to Defend the Family. Concludes Catechetical Series on the Family at General Audience
Pope Francis to Families: 'You Are a Hope for Society'. Pontiff Meets with Italian Association of Large Families
Pope Francis' Homily at Opening Mass of Extraordinary Synod on the Family "Synod Assemblies are not meant to discuss beautiful and clever ideas, or to see who is more intelligent. They are meant to better nuture and tend the Lords vineyard, to help realiz
Pope Francis' Letter to Families "If there is no love then there is no joy, and authentic love comes to us from Jesus"
Pope Francis' Message for World Youth Day 2016 â??Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercyâ?? (Mt 5:7)
Pope Francis: 'Every Threat to the Family Is a Threat to Society Itself' Warns of 'Ideological Colonization' During Meeting With Families in Manila
Pope Francis: 'Families With Many Children Are A Consolation and a Hope' Reflects on His Visit to Sri Lanka and the Philippines During Weekly General Audience
Pope Francis: Couples Are Called to Be Instrument of Christ’s Mercy. Meets with Équipes Notre Dame Lay Movement
Pope Francis: Family is Center of God’s Plan
Pope Francis: Modern Society Needs Family Virtues. Reflects on the Relationship Between the Church and the Family During General Audience
Pope Francis: Priests Must Be Always in Time of Formation. Also Warns Bishops About Lack of Discernment Regarding Potential Seminarians
Pope Francis: Protect Marriage to Not 'Scandalize the Little Ones' During General Audience, Speaks on Wounds Within Families
Pope Francis' Address at Opening of Colloquium on Complementarity of Man and Woman "I wish to confirm according to the wishes of the Lord, that in September of 2015, I will go to Philadelphia for the World Meeting of Families"
Pope John Paul II Theology of the Body
Pope Names Members of Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors. Members Will Take 'Multi-Pronged' Approach in Preventing Abuse
Pope Notes Plight of the Divorced-and-Remarried
Pope on Engagement: 'There Is No Express Marriage' During General Audience, Highlights Importance of Preparation for Strong Marriages
Pope Opens First Session of Synod on the Family. Encourages Participants to Speak Freely and Clearly, Listen With Humility
Pope Reiterates View that Same-Sex Marriage is "Anthropological Regression" Comment Made in Recent Conversation, Says Maltese Bishop
Pope Says Parents Participate in Creative Love of God Himself. While Calling for Prayers for Synod During Angelus Address, Also Reminds Faithful of Children Knocking on Doors Begging for Help Worldwide
Pope Sends Message for Latin American Family Congress Reminds Faithful That Against All Despair, a Co-Existence Based on Respect and Trust Is Possible
Pope Stresses Church Support for Families
Pope Takes Theological, Practical Look at Marriage. Says It Is Icon of God's Love, a 'Most Beautiful Thing' That Must Always Be Protected
Pope to Attend '06 Meeting of Families in Spain
Pope to Meet with 20,000 Couples for St. Valentine's Day. Importance of Marriage and Raising a Christian Family to Be Focus of Initiative
Pope to Parents: Talk With Your Children, Listen to Them. Notes the Importance of School Years
Pope to Parents: Teach Your Little Ones to Pray, Make Sign of Cross. During General Audience, Francis Speaks on Importance of Making Time for Prayer
Pope to Participate in Family Festival. Milan Event to Incorporate Music, Testimonies
Pope to Rome's Families: Contribute to Spiritual Rebirth of Our City. Calls on Parents to Live Out Their Mission
Pope Underlines Importance of Marriage "Without Ambiguity" Encourages Guinea Bishops to Be United, Continue Evangelization Work
Pope Urges Salesians to Focus on Families. Says This Is the Way to Help in Formation of Youth
Pope Voices Concern for Laws on Life and Family
Pope Warns of Easy Outs for Troubled Marriages. Says Commitment Still Possible, Even in Modern Culture
Pope's Address at Meeting of Families in Manila "What a gift this would be to society, if every Christian family lived fully its noble vocation! So rise with Jesus and Mary, and set out on the path the Lord traces for each of you."
Pope's Address to Families in Cuba "Amid all the difficulties troubling our families of the world today, please, never forget one thing: families are not a problem, they are first and foremost an opportunity. An opportunity which we have to care for, prot
Pope's Address To the Families of the World on Pilgrimage for the Year of Faith
Pope's Angelus Address, Sunday Oct. 5th "For the family to be able to walk well, with trust and hope, it must be nourished by the Word of God."
Pope's Discourse at Vigil of Family Meeting. "Children Have the Right to a Home Like That of Nazareth"
Pope's General Audience: 'Fathers Are Called to Be Examples of Love and Integrity' Continues Catechesis on the Paternal Role Within the Family
Pope's Homily at Conclusion of World Meeting of Families "Love is shown by little things, by attention to small daily signs which make us feel at home. Faith grows when it is lived and shaped by love. That is why our families, our homes, are true domestic
Pope's Homily at Mass with Families for the Year of Faith
Pope's Morning Homily: Marriage Should Reflect Christ's Fruitful Love for His Church. 15 Married Couples Join Pope for Mass in Casa Santa Marta
Pope's Presence Missed at Family Meeting
Pope's Response to Priests on the Family "We Can Learn From Married People Because of Their Suffering"
Pope's Video Message to Family Meeting. "Collaborate Eagerly and Joyfully in the Noble Cause of the Family"
Pope: 'Families Must Be The Most Convincing Testimony of Love'. Pontiff Sends Message Brazilians During National Week of the Family
Pope: Childhood Is Life's Most Important Stage. Echoes John Chrysostom's Emphasis on Formation
Pope: Families Are a Light Amid the Darkness. Prayer Vigil Held in St. Peterâ??s Square on Eve of Synod
Pope: Families Are the Answer for the Future. Says Without Them We Canâ??t Learn to Be Human
Pope: Families Are to Make Special Place in Home for Jesus This Advent. Weekly General Audience Becomes Festive Celebration for Francis' 78th Birthday
Pope: Families Are to Make Special Place in Home for Jesus This Advent. Weekly General Audience Becomes Festive Celebration for Francis' 78th Birthday
Pope: Family as God Wills It - 1 Man and 1 Woman - Is Being Deformed. Says Married Couples Must Be Missionaries in Face of 'Ideological Colonizations'
Pope: Family Is "Vital Asset" for El Salvador. Says It's Key to Ending Scourge of Violence
Pope: Family is Fundamental Cell of Society. Sends Message to Asian Conference on the Family
Pope: Family Is the Leaven for a Humane Societyâ??
Pope: Family Isn't About 'Conservative or Progressive'. Says Complementarity of Man and Woman Is Not Just Good But Beautiful
Pope: How Well Will We Proclaim Good News of the Family? Prays for Synod Fathers to Listen, Discuss Sincerely, and Keep Gaze Fixed on Christ
Pope: Let Us Not Be Afraid to Invite Mary, Jesus to the Marriage 'Feast'. At Weekly General Audience, Also Says Disparity Is a Pure Scandal
Pope: New Strategies Needed for Families. Says They Face Internal and External Threats
Pope: Parents to Blame for Prejudiced Kids. Says Families Cause or Break Discriminatory Attitudes
Pope: Synods Aim to Help Realize the Lord's Loving Plan for His People. At Opening Mass of Extraordinary Synod, Pope Urges Leaders to Let Themselves Be Guided By the Holy Spirit
Pope’s Morning Homily: Marriage ‘Silently Preaches’ That ‘Love Is Possible’
Pope's General Audience Address of Dec. 10: On the Family "We must know that the Synod is not a Parliament"
Pope's Letter for World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia "In reality, we cannot qualify a family with ideological concepts; we cannot speak of a conservative family and a progressive family. The family is family!"
Pope's Message to Participants at the Festival of the Family. The future of humanity passes through the family
Pope’s Conclusions From Family Synods Said to Be Expected in March
Pope’s Letter for World Meeting of Families in Dublin 2018
Portsmouth Bishop on England's New Definition of Marriage "It remains my hope and prayer that in time, by Gods grace and by our gentle love and witness, we will recall society to the path of authentic humanism"
Prayer for 5th World Meeting of Families
Prayer to the Holy Family
Preacher Gives Families Strategy to Win Back World. Says Key Is Not Trying to Change Laws
Prefect of Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on Communion for Divorced-Remarried
Prelates: Couples Need Confidence to Become Parents. European Bishops Propose Ways to Support Families
Prenatal Diagnoses: No Detecting the Joy Awaiting. Founder of Advocacy Group on Her Book "A Special Mother Is Born" By Kathleen Naab
Preparations Underway for World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia. Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia Presents Upcoming Meeting For September 2015
Preparatory Catechesis for Meeting of Families "The Family, the First and Principal Transmitter of the Faith"
Pro-family Groups Rallying Behind Madrid Protest. Bishops, Muslims and Jews Also Backing Initiative
Pro-Family Rally Forces French Government Climb-down. Large Protests in Paris and Lyon on Sunday Lead to Shelving of Controversial Family Law
Professor Named to Director Role for Family Meeting '15. Mary Beth Yount to Lead Content and Programming for Philadelphia Event
Promoting and Defending Marriage in the USA (Part 1). Learning From the Supreme Court's June Ruling
Promoting and Defending Marriage in the USA (Part 2). Learning From the Supreme Court's June Ruling
Promoting and Defending Marriage in the USA (Part 5). Learning From the Supreme Court's June Ruling
Protest Planned Against Spain's "Marriage" Plans
Put Family First, Urges Cardinal Says Economic Concerns Can Wait
Queen of England Approves Same-Sex "Marriage" Bill. Bishops of England, Wales Issue Statement on New Legislation
Reaching Out to the Divorced and Remarried. Schoenstatt Apostolate Teaches Couples They Are Children of God
Redefining Marriage. Pressure Continues to Allow Same-Sex Marriage By Father John Flynn, LC
Relativism Hurts Families, Warns Benedict XVI
Relativism: The Erosion of Human Rights. Benedict XVI Recalls Importance of Marriage and Family By William Newton
Religious Freedom and Same-Sex 'Marriage'. The Collision of Freedom and Law
Religious Leaders Unite to Defend Marriage. Protection Act Goes on Trial
Remarriage, Divorce and Communion: Patristic Light on a Recent Problem. Philosophy Professor John Rist Critiques Cardinal Kasper's Consistory Speech
Righting the Wrongs in Modern Sex and Marriage. Jennifer Roback Morse on Finding Lifelong Love
Same-Sex "Marriage" and Mental Health. Interview With Dr. Rick Fitzgibbons of Catholic Medical Association
Same-sex "Marriage" Debate Held in England. Catholic Voices Spokesman Speaks About Marriage Consultation By Ann Schneible
Same-Sex "Marriage" Plans for England. Churches Speak Out Against Proposal
Same-Sex 'Marriage' Debate Continues. Proposals in England and America John Flynn, LC
Same-sex 'Marriage' Debate Heats Up in Australia. Sydney's Bishops Publish Pastoral Letter; Orthodox and Anglicans Join Effort
Same-sex 'Marriage': 2 Cases Before the European Court of Human Rights. Steps Toward Official Recognition of Same-sex Couples
Same-Sex Marriage and the Church. Conflicts Looming on the Horizon By Father John Flynn, LC
Same-Sex Marriage Bringing Chills in Canada
Same-Sex Marriage Flounders
Same-Sex Marriage Seen as "Defeat for Humanity"
Same-Sex Marriage: Not in Kids' Interest
Saying Yes to Life -- 19 Times (Part 1) Interview on Parenting a Large Catholic Family By Kathleen Naab
Saying Yes to Life -- 19 Times (Part 2) Interview on Parenting a Large Catholic Family By Kathleen Naab
Scotland to Mark National Marriage Sunday. Cardinal O'Brien Asks Politicians Not to Subvert Marriage
Scottish Cardinal Warns Against Homosexual Parenting. Would Harm Children, Raise Status of Same-Sex Couples
Seeking Common Ground
Sex Education Best Kept at Home. Bioethicist Presents Chastity as Love's Defender
Society Should Aid Young Families, Says Pontiff. Receives New Ambassador From Slovakia
Society's Future Depends on the Family. Interview With Supreme Knight Carl Anderson By Karna Swanson
Spain OKs Same-Sex Marriage, and "Express Divorce". Bishops' Conference Calls for Opposition
Spain's Bishops Highlight Falsity in Gay "Marriage"
Spain's Families Are Struggling. Report Reveals Serious Problems
Study: Children of Divorce Less Likely to Practice Religion. New Report Reveals Impact on Faith John Flynn, LC
Swiss Bishops: Recognizing Same-Sex Couples "Problematic"
Sydney's Cardinal Weighs in on Senate Inquiry Into Same-Sex 'Marriage'. Says Marriage Is More Than a Loving Relationship
Synod Officials Give Preview of Extraordinary General Assembly on the Family. Preparatory Document Released Ahead of Synod Gathering
Synod14: Full Text of Pope Francis' Opening Words "It is necessary to say everything that, in the Lord, one feels should be said, with human respect, without fear, and, at the same time, one must listen with humility."
Teaching Girls and Boys Differently
Teaching on Marriage Key for Justice, Says Prelate. Urges African Bishops to Take Care of Tribunals
Teachings on Family, via Web Site
Text of Pope's Prepared Address for Festival of Families "God did not want to come into the world other than through a family. God did not want to draw near to humanity other than through a home"
The Billings Ovulation Method of Natural Family Planning
The Consequences of Interfaith Marriage. New Book Highlights Problems
The Cost of Divorce. Women Pay the Highest Price By Father John Flynn, LC
The Dilution of the Family in Human Rights. Comments on Vallianatos and Other ECHR Cases on 'Family Life': Reinforcing the State's Hold Over Society in Exchange for the Promise of Greater Freedom for Individuals.
The Fallout of Weak Family Life. Meeting in Poland Highlights a Key Social Concern By Father John Flynn
The Family Presented as Antidote to Economic Crisis. Meeting at Italian Parliament Considers Prospects for Development By Salvatore Cernuzio
The Family's Essential Role. Church, Society Upholding the Rights of Marriage By Father John Flynn
The Family's Mission in the Year of Faith. Journalist From Polish Catholic Weekly Offers Reflections By Father Mariusz Frukacz
The Family: A Resource of Society. Round Table Discussion on Research Regarding the Family
The Gift Foundation -- a lay apostolate dedicated to promoting the Catholic Church's teaching on marriage and sexuality
The Marriage Generation. Youth Consider Wedded Bliss a Top Priority By Carl Anderson
The Meaning of Marriage (Part 1)Interview With Princeton's Robert George
The Meaning of Marriage (Part 2) Interview With Princeton's Robert George
The More People Criticize Him, The More People Flock to Listen to Him. Benedict XVI Encourages Families to Renew and Nourish the Civilization of Love By Antonio Gaspari
The New Marriage-Wrecker Internet Pornography Burrows Deeper Into Culture By Father John Flynn, LC
The Resignation of Mozilla's CEO; Catholics Should Be Worried "Now is the time for Catholics to express the truth about marriage boldly. Our jobs and our legitimate standing in the public sphere may soon depend on it."
The Role of Father as Family Protector. James Stenson on Men's Duties
The Simple Defense for Marriage. An Appeal to Common Sense, Not Faith
Theologians to Discuss Family Pastoral Care
There Are “Too Many Null And Inconsistent Marriages. A ‘New Catechumenate’ Is Necessary For Spouses”
There's No Place Like Home, Says Benedict XVI. Notes Educative Role of Family Is Irreplaceable
Thousands Gather for 'Family Day' in Madrid. Cardinal Antonio Maria Rouco Presides Over Eucharist
Tolerance: A One Way Street. Defense of Marriage Now a Crime
Tribunal Defends Families, Says Dean
U.S. Bishops Advertising Marriage. Campaign Looks to Aid Couples
UK Bishops: Marriage Bill Isn't About Equality. Warn That Problems Haven't Been Thought Through
UK Prelates on Same-Sex Marriage Bill: It's Not too Late to Think Again. Warn That Legislation Is 'Far More Profound Than First Appears'
UN Adopts Resolution to Protect Family. Recognizes Family as Natural, Fundamental Group, Entitled to State Protection
US Bishops Back Marriage and Religious Freedom Act. House Legislation Aims to Keep Federal Government From Discriminating
US Bishops Call Faithful to Special Life-Marriage-Liberty Action Plan. 5-Part Strategy Meant to Give 'Stamina and Courage'
US Bishops Decry Rejection of Marriage Defense. Denounce Presidential Failure to Uphold Law
US Bishops Highlight Marriage in New Video Series. Explains Why Same-Sex Unions Aren't the Same By Genevieve Pollock
US Bishops Note Confusion About Right and Wrong in Response to Latest Same-Sex 'Marriage' Developments Encourage "Starting Off With the Right Question"
US Bishops Note Reasons for Opposing Legislation on Employment. ENDA Bill Supports Redefinition of Marriage, Rejects Biological Basis of Gender, Threatens Religious Freedom
US Bishops Officially Invite Francis to 2015 World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia "This event will be an occasion for Catholics from around the world to reflect on family life, and the role that families can play in strengthening our society and our
US Bishops Praise Maine's Marriage Vote. Urge All to Respect Union of Man and Woman
US Bishops Release Spanish-Language Film Promoting Marriage. A Tool to "Advance the Conversation" on True Meaning of Marriage
US Bishops Support Constitutional Amendment to Protect Marriage. Official Warns That Just as Roe vs Wade Made 'Right' to Abortion, Bad Decision Could Change Marriage Definition for Whole Country
US Bishops Welcome Step Forward in Immigration Overhaul. Call for Further Provisions to Protect Families
US Bishops' Leader in Defending Marriage Appointed to San Francisco. Bishop Cordileone of Oakland to Succeed Archbishop Niederauer
US Bishops' Statement on Supreme Court's Same-Sex 'Marriage' Rulings "Today is a tragic day for marriage and our nation ... The difference between a man and a woman matters, and the difference between a mom and a dad matters"
US Bishops: Delaware Passage of Same-Sex 'Marriage' Is Unjust. Archbishop Notes Children's Rights
US Catholics and Marriage: Survey Shows "Mixed Picture" Bishops Note Challenges and Reasons for Hope
US Couple at Synod: The Pope Is With Us, and By Extension With the Families in His Care. Mr. and Mrs. Heinzen From Wisconsin Say Bishops Are Definitely Listening to Them
US: Bishops Promote National Marriage Week
USCCB Chairman Backs State Marriage Defense Act. Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone Sends Message to U.S. House Representatives
Valencia's Archbishop Says Families in a New Stage
Valencia, World Capital of the Family in July. Interview With Archbishop Agustín García-Gasco
Vatican Aide: Migrant Families Should be Missionary. Pontifical Council Secretary Addresses Family Meeting By Gilberto Hernández
Vatican Marking Anniversary of John Paul II's "Familiaris Consortio" Family Council to Host Plenary Assembly Next Week
Vatican Official Promotes Charter of the Rights of the Family. Conference in Rome on Today's Challenges for Families
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